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UK pressure group demands : 'Take a break from Brexit'

UK pressure group demands : 'Take a break from Brexit'
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A UK-based pressure group called Take A Break From Brexit is campaigning for just that.

British MPs have voted emphatically to ask the European Parliament to delay Brexit, which had been scheduled for March 29th. It still requires the unanimous agreement of the remaining 27 members of the EU.

The decision paves the way for Theresa May to go to the House of Commons for a third time with her so-called "Meaningful vote".

Following the vote, Dr Andrea Pissauro told Euronews that he agreed with the proposed postponement in order to democratise the Brexit process and negotiations.

"Our campaign is callling for a break from Brexit in order to examine the major issues facing the country while Parliament has been discussing Brexit.

"Of course we understand that Brexit is a major issue for each and every one of us, but we would like to have more time to have a debate and allow the public to have more of a say in how to solve the Brexit conundrum. Parliament has clearly shown it doesn't know how to solve it.

"What happened last night is very good news, but we would like a longer extension than June. We would need at least a year.

"What we have seen is a clear failure of the government's strategy to use the threat of a No Deal to make the deal pass and now we want to see a completely different process to start."

The group argues that the people have lost control of the process and that the pressure of deadlines means that too little effort is being devoted to discussing the issues, rather than the politics of Brexit.

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