Energy Consumption

Meet the new app that tells you when your electricity is greenest

A new app is claiming to tell environmentally-conscious consumers when is the greenest time to use household appliances. 

Yoyu uses weather forecasts to calculate when the amount of solar or wind power in the total energy mix is at its highest. 

This is likeliest to be when the weather is particularly windy or sunny and it is during these periods that energy is at its greenest. 

"It's not always sunny and it's not always windy so when it is sunny or windy we can use that electricity," Yoyu founder Molly Webb told Euronews.  "When we're not using at these times [the greenest period] we're avoiding or boycotting the fossil fuel-based electricity that is often used as backup.

"We built this [app] because people are used to making choices about buying the right food or fashion to be conscious consumers and we don't have a relationship with energy.

"This [app] gives us a little bit of visibility on what we're doing so we can vote for clean energy if we want to.

"But of course, there is no pressure. It's up to you. It's a free app. It just gives you the information and you have the knowledge to do what you will with it."