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Boats sail during the water parade, part of the Venice Carnival, in Venice, Italy, Sunday, Feb. 5, 2023.

Some hundred decorated rowing boats paraded in Venice on Sunday, led by the legendary 7-metre-long papier-maché ‘Pantegana’, which has become one of the symbols of the Venetian carnival.

Just before the Rialto Bridge, the Pantegana let multicoloured biodegradable balloons hover in the air.

Spectators crowded to enjoy both the parade and various performances taking place in the city.

‘Take your time for the Original signs’ is the theme of Venice Carnival 2023. It draws inspiration from constellations, from symbols of earth, water, fire, and air in a fanciful ‘Zodiac’ of originality and creativity.

The Venetian Carnival will end on Tuesday, February 21.

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