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Colonia is more than just a history lesson - Gallenberger

Colonia is more than just a history lesson - Gallenberger
By Everton Gayle

Colonia is set in a turbulent Chile in 1973

A couple become entangled in the Pinochet military coup in the south American country.

When Daniel is abducted by the General’s secret police, Lena traces her boyfriend to a village called Colonia Dignidad, a mission run by a preacher.

But this turns out to be a prison, from which no one has ever escaped. To save Daniel Lisa joins the Colony.

Colonia stars British actress Emma Watson and German star Daniel Brühl who attended the European premier in Berlin recently.

For Brühl, there was always interest in this part of the world:

“I’ve always had a relationship with with Chile. I am the son of a Spanish mother and my parents were very committed about the country and very active then. And when I was young there was a family Chilean who lived with us. And I always had this contact with the culture and the history from a young age”

Watson says politics aside, it was the character that intrigued her:

“Lots of people have asked whether I chose this film because of my new found interest in politics. But really, it was just that I loved the role and of course it is an era that I am interested in, but it was really the character that drew me to the film.”

Colonia is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Florian Gallenberger .
Reacting to reviews that criticised the film’s handling of an important chapter of Chilean history, Gallenberger said it would help to get young people interested in a serious subject.

“Apparently by watching this entertaining film people come across something that makes sense, which is more than just the film,” he said.

“We didn’t want just to give a history lesson, but tell an enthralling, entertaining story, which also has a meaning. It seems that we succeeded in this.”

Colonia will be on release in Switzerland and Germany from 16 February 2016, in Russia from 31 March 2016, in USA from 15 April and
Italy 26 May.