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european affairs

  1. 1euronews live TV - News | euronews : the latest international news as video on demand
  2. 2Back to School for Romania’s new First Lady | euronews, world news
  3. 3What will you ask US Senator John McCain? | euronews, world news
  4. 4Watch: Passengers ‘push-start’ frozen plane in Siberia | euronews, world news
  5. 5Le Pen: I admire ‘cool head’ Putin’s resistance to West’s new Cold War | euronews, interview
  6. 6European e-revolution people rise up | euronews, world news
  7. 7Which countries in Europe cause the most air pollution damage? | euronews, world news
  8. 8McCain blasts Europe’s approach to Ukraine conflict ‘a joke’ | euronews, the global conversation
  9. 9Moldova pro-EU parties take narrow lead in elections | euronews, world news
  10. 10NATO joins search for ‘Russian submarine’ off Scottish coast | euronews, world news
  11. 11Ukraine reports accident at Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant | euronews, world news
  12. 12Grenoble: Europe’s first ad-free city | euronews, world news
  13. 13Crude awakening: Romania’s Black Sea oil and gas finds fuel Europe’s energy hopes | euronews, reporter
  14. 14European Union News | euronews: latest breaking news and headlines about European Union
  15. 15The American Century comes to an end as China becomes the world’s largest economy | euronews, economy
  16. 16Irony as organised crime prosecutor arrested for corruption in Romania | euronews, world news
  17. 17Israeli warplanes hit targets in Syria | euronews, world news
  18. 18Germans demand honour for Turkish woman beaten to death | euronews, world news
  19. 19Obama’s ‘risky’ immigration gamble | euronews, world news
  20. 20Chechen ‘death’ unit fighting with rebels in eastern Ukraine | euronews, world news

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