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A dose of kitsch at Paris Expo

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By Louise Miner
A dose of kitsch at Paris Expo

An English contemporary artist, well known for his cross dressing as well as his ceramic vases, sculptures and tapestries is showing his works at his first French solo exhibition in Paris.

Grayson Perry publicises his work as his transvestite alter ego, Claire.

He's called the exhibition "Vanity, identity, sexuality'.

The family man explores the perceptions of the male and female roles and draws upon his own life and childhood memories to create his art.

The 58-year-old questions class, intellectual snobbery which mock the British middle classes and the aristocracy.

Grayson Perry says, "When I won the Turner Prize in 2003 the first thing the journalist asked me was: are you a serious artist or are you a loveable character? And it was interesting that they had a divide between those two things because I don't think I'm the first artist in the world to be funny or to dress up, but they saw those things as exclusive or something. And I thought, 'That's interesting, I can play with this' and whenever anybody throws me out a little unconscious insult like that, I always roll with it. And so I've always thought, 'OK we are going to make them deal with that. I'm both and you got to deal with it."

Through his art Perry challenges perceptions of traditional masculinity.

He had a lack of male role models throughout his turbulent childhood and explores the idea of a more flexible masculinity,

Perry refers to British society as a 'them and us mentality' which he says arose during the Brexit campaign.

The exhibition is at the Monnaie De Paris Art Gallery from the 19 October - 3 Feb 2019.