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Paris: Smoking banned in some public parks

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By Louise Miner
Paris: Smoking banned in some public parks

There's no smoking in some public parks and green spaces in Paris.

It's a trial which started in July, to reduce the effects of passive smoking and provide cleaner air and less cigarette butts on the ground.

Six parks are participating in the scheme until Autumn.

Geoffroy Boulard is the Mayor of the Metropole du Grand Paris says, "This is also empowering perhaps for a few smokers without necessarily being moralistic since they are given the opportunity to do so, we do not punish them. Their freedom is not damaged.

Green posters and leaflets which are distributed by the town hall, have been met favorably among non-smokers but not so much with smokers.

The four-month project hopes to encourage people to stop smoking and create cleaner parks.

Around 350 tons of cigarette butts are removed every year from the city.

Nadia says, "There is smoke, there are cigarette butts on the floor. Then the kids who go to pick them up, put them in their mouths knowing they contain something that is not tobacco!"

Sam says, "If people smoke in front of children it may be disturbing maybe, I don't know, I think I don't bother anyone here and I don't even throw my butt on the floor." 1'14 "

It's hoped the scheme will be extended to other parks and gardens in the city.