Posters shame 'Wolf Pack' assailants as they return home

Posters shame 'Wolf Pack' assailants as they return home
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By Marta Rodriguez MartinezPascale Davies
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Feminists groups in Spain are making life uncomfortable for the convicted five men in the Pamplona 'Wolf Pack' case by posting pictures of their faces around Seville.


The five men who were found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in a landmark case in Spain, have been released on bail and have returned to their homes in Seville.

But feminist groups have made it clear that the so-called "wolf pack" are not welcome back.

Dotted around bars in Seville are posters reading: "Women do not drink in bars where rapists are served."


It comes as part of a campaign on social media under the hashtag #STOPMANADA, which aims to isolate the group of five men from Sevillian society.

The trial of the five men, who referred to themselves as "la manada" — a term used to refer to a wolf pack — has added a Spanish element to the #MeToo movement and sparked mass protests across the country.

Other posters show their faces in black and white above the words: "I'm a rapist and the state allows it." The same portraits were used in the demonstrations after they were granted bail.

Last Thursday, the five men were released on €6,000 bail, pending the appeal of an April ruling in which they were sentenced to nine years in prison for “continuous sexual abuse”, but found not guilty of the more serious charge of rape. 

Agustín Martínez, a lawyer for four of the "wolf pack" members, told Euronews that it would be difficult for the men to ignore the mass protests by a sector of society that believes the justice system has failed the victim. "We understand that these are the first days and that, afterwards, everything will calm down," he said.

A court in Navarre ordered the release of the sentenced defendants as it ruled the five were not a flight risk and were unlikely to re-offend.

The attack happened two years ago during the Pamplona bull-running festival. The woman who was 18 at the time, was assaulted in the early hours of the morning by five men, who surrounded the woman in a small alcove, removed her clothes, and had unprotected sex.

According to the police report, the woman maintained a "passive or neutral" attitude throughout the scene, keeping her eyes closed at all times. Her phone was also stolen.

Some of the men filmed the incident on their phones and one of the men posted messages in a WhatsApp group, which was called Wolf Pack, celebrating what they had done and promised to share the recording.

Prosecutors and the victim are seeking a conviction for rape amongst other charges and a 23-year sentence. They have appealed the 9-year sentence.

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