My nursery is different

My nursery is different
By Euronews

Most kindergartens have push chairs and parents’ cars parked at the front, but things are a little different at one in Georgia.

A Yakovlev 42 jet, formerly used by Georgian Airways, dominates the front courtyard to the Rustavi Science kindergarten. The airplane has been transformed and features educational equipment, games and toys but the cockpit is still the same with over 1500 buttons that the kids love to play with.

The headmaster was inspired to create the play area to provide and create and interest for indigo children who are known to be more sensitive to technology.

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The smiling lunch box in Japan

One kindergarten in Japan has initiated a project to help provide that motherly touch for their pupils. The Danno Nursery in the centre of Kyoto is located inside a former Buddhist temple.

Many of the parents work long hours while their children remain at the nursery. The parents have been encouraged to make up traditional Japanese lunches for their children to take to the nursery. The founder believes it is one way of transmitting both parents’ love while their children are at nursery.

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