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Annie Lennox releases nostalgic new album

23/10 08:33 CET

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  1. 02/10/2014Robert Plant looks to north Africa for new album
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  14. 23/09/2014Baku celebrates Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s birthday
  15. 23/09/2014European Theatres’ Night wows Budapest
  16. 23/09/2014Chocolate Village opens in Brussels
  17. 19/09/2014Ukrainian products get patriotic boost
  18. 19/09/2014‘Panoply’ of Islamic art opens in Toronto
  19. 18/09/2014Soft and delicate for Milan Fashion Week
  20. 18/09/2014Love of tartan unites Scots of all stripes
  21. 17/09/2014Rock n Roll and bright coloured cool
  22. 17/09/2014David Gray seeks epiphany with his latest album ‘Mutineers’
  23. 16/09/2014Westwood puts Scottish independence on the catwalk in a cool London Fashion Week
  24. 16/09/2014Pharrell ‘happy’ to begin European tour
  25. 15/09/2014Dancers descend on Lyon festival
  26. 12/09/2014ArtRio: putting Brazil on the art world’s map
  27. 12/09/2014Sérgio Mendes still has the magic and Stevie Wonder goes on tour
  28. 12/09/2014Betsey Johnson’s bridal drags have a ball in NYC
  29. 11/09/2014Killer Heels: the love affair between women and high heels
  30. 10/09/2014NY Fashion: Britney Spears unveils new lingerie collection
  31. 10/09/2014Moko’s second EP Gold out now
  32. 09/09/2014New video game Destiny most expensive ever made
  33. 09/09/2014Herrera and Karan live up to style at New York Fashion Week
  34. 09/09/2014Western anti-hero stars in Train’s new video clip
  35. 08/09/2014Light-hearted spring collections breeze through NY Fashion Week
  36. 08/09/2014Red Hot show challenges ginger stereotypes
  37. 05/09/2014Models vs animal rights activists New York Fashion
  38. 05/09/2014Summer Jewish Festival in Budapest
  39. 05/09/2014Alicia Keys: new face of Givenchy, compares music and perfumes
  40. 04/09/2014George Ezra to release new single following hit ‘Budapest’
  41. 03/09/2014New York gears up for Fashion Week
  42. 03/09/2014London calling: Talking statues cause a stir in England
  43. 02/09/2014Kiosk make headline news for Iranian rock
  44. 01/09/2014DJ to the stars Cassidy launches debut album
  45. 01/09/ sponsors newcomer Leah McFall
  46. 29/08/2014Malevich at London’s Tate Modern
  47. 29/08/2014Meghan Trainor hits the big time
  48. 28/08/2014Dancers compete for world tango prize
  49. 28/08/2014Asilah arts festival shines
  50. 28/08/2014Classic music, innovative venue
  51. 27/08/2014Country stars cover Mötley Crüe
  52. 26/08/2014British band Childhood on the difficulties of moving beyond the demo
  53. 25/08/20143D scores for blind musicians
  54. 25/08/2014Wake up, Aloe Blacc
  55. 01/08/2014O-Town: the boys are back in town
  56. 01/08/2014Victoria’s secret thrills ‘n’ frills at ‘down under’ underwear show
  57. 31/07/2014Charlie Simpson back and ‘Haunted’ on the ‘Long Road Home’
  58. 31/07/2014Pop into the pop up gallery in Lyon
  59. 30/07/2014Knut the polar bear, a star in life and death
  60. 30/07/2014Rome celebrates founding emperor Augustus
  61. 29/07/2014Sebastien Tellier works through his past with sweet, sad, Brazil-inspired L’Aventura
  62. 28/07/2014Elton John headlines at Paleo
  63. 28/07/2014Shakespeare in love with the stage
  64. 28/07/2014Music mix hits the right note at Azerbaijan’s Gabala festival
  65. 25/07/2014Paleo music festival rocks on
  66. 25/07/2014Heavy metal children signed by Sony
  67. 24/07/2014Kalamata Dance Festival hits 20 with a spring in its step
  68. 24/07/2014Desperately seeking summer festivals in Austria?
  69. 23/07/2014‘Pageant: the musical’ is back!
  70. 23/07/2014New Neon Jungle single is Louder
  71. 22/07/2014King of pop parody could score his own no. 1 album
  72. 22/07/2014“My songs speak louder than bullets,” says Palestinian Arab Idol celebrity
  73. 21/07/2014Malta opera star Joseph Calleja’s summer concert draws big crowd
  74. 21/07/2014Otto Piene and his love of light on show in Berlin
  75. 18/07/2014Artists from the Arab world on show in New York City
  76. 18/07/2014Rapper G-Eazy more than just a name
  77. 17/07/2014Fetish meets fashion in Berlin
  78. 17/07/2014Japanese artists bring Snoopy dreamland to Hong Kong
  79. 16/07/2014Bridal jewellery fit for a queen at India International Jewellery Week
  80. 16/07/2014Dancing banned on New York’s subway
  81. 15/07/2014Budapest honours Toulouse-Lautrec on 150th birthday
  82. 14/07/2014Azerbaijan goes on show on the French Riviera
  83. 11/07/2014Berlin fashions future fabrics
  84. 11/07/2014Song Storm in Hungary
  85. 10/07/2014Lagerfeld, Gaultier offer contrasting visions in Paris
  86. 10/07/2014Montreux Jazz Festival Highlights
  87. 09/07/2014Eccentric, historical and pollution chic: Paris, Hong Kong & Berlin Fashion Weeks
  88. 08/07/2014Montreux Jazz: cool tunes by Lac Léman
  89. 07/07/2014Atelier Versace kicks off Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week
  90. 07/07/2014‘Dissection’, first mainstream exhibition in Portugal for ex-graffiti artist Vhils
  91. 07/07/2014Nicole Scherzinger works out for ‘Your Love’ beach frolic
  92. 04/07/2014Death metal band in a Black Box equals performance art
  93. 04/07/2014Eye catching Argentine artist drips paint through his tears
  94. 03/07/2014The Who hit the road to mark 50 years as a rock ‘n’ roll band
  95. 03/07/2014More dead parrots as Monty Python’s Flying Circus goes live (mostly)
  96. 02/07/2014Folk trio Nickel Creek sign on ‘A Dotted Line’
  97. 02/07/2014Those magnificent men and women in their flying machines
  98. 01/07/2014Ed Sheeran: potentially one of the se’X‘iest men alive
  99. 01/07/2014Vermeer comes home to The Netherlands’ Mauritshuis Museum
  100. 30/06/2014Glastonbury Festival serves up music and mud in equal measures
  101. 30/06/2014Just touch: playing with the music of everyday objects
  102. 30/06/2014Opera trio Sol3 Mio goes mainstream
  103. 27/06/2014Timitar Festival celebrates Amazigh and world music
  104. 27/06/2014Remembering Franz Ferdinand
  105. 26/06/2014Men’s fashion moves from Milan to Paris
  106. 26/06/2014World’s top selling artist Jeff Koons takes over Whitney museum
  107. 26/06/2014Feeric fashion takes over Transylvanian city of Sibiu
  108. 25/06/2014The best new European artists play live on the EuroMusic Contest final show!
  109. 25/06/2014Michael Jackson legacy ‘alive and well’
  110. 25/06/2014Juergen Teller exposes his selfie
  111. 24/06/2014Hemp and bamboo meet stripes at Milan Fashion Week for Men
  112. 24/06/2014Austin Mahone billed as the next Justin Bieber
  113. 23/06/2014Milan: menswear on show
  114. 23/06/2014Budapest: Yellow Star houses
  115. 23/06/2014Vence: still inspiring artists
  116. 20/06/2014Rapper Asher finally returns with ‘Retrohash’
  117. 20/06/2014Art Basel: all is well in the art market world
  118. 19/06/2014Arterton swaps film for theatre in ‘Made in Dagenham’
  119. 19/06/2014Rem Koolhaas looks back to the future at Venice Biennale
  120. 19/06/2014La Traviata staged at UNESCO site in Israeli desert
  121. 18/06/2014Flare but no flares as colour tailored into men’s London catwalk outing
  122. 18/06/2014Motorbikes, aliens and exciting collaborations: Klaxons are back!
  123. 17/06/20142015 Spring-Summer Menswear hits London catwalk
  124. 17/06/2014The Supremes celebrate 50th anniversary
  125. 16/06/2014Gnaoua in Essaouira: a fusion of world talent
  126. 13/06/2014Complex rhythms mix in world music fusion at Gnaoua Festival
  127. 13/06/2014Street art for everyone
  128. 13/06/2014Graffiti brings school to Jakarta’s street kids
  129. 12/06/2014US duo MKTO hopes to crack US market
  130. 11/06/2014Rolling Stones return to Berlin after nearly 50 years
  131. 11/06/2014Psy and Snoop Dogg team up for ‘Hangover’
  132. 10/06/2014London hosts first unauthorised Banksy exhibition
  133. 10/06/2014X Factor revelation Ella Henderson launches debut single
  134. 09/06/2014Viola’s Martyrs installed as ‘altared’ images at London’s St Paul’s
  135. 09/06/2014Virtual becomes real in a London car park
  136. 06/06/2014Carlos Vives to sing World Cup anthem
  137. 05/06/2014Syrian artists in exile ‘preserve the human spirit’
  138. 04/06/2014German electro-pop emerging from Bavaria
  139. 04/06/2014Timberlake headlines Lisbon Rock in Rio festival
  140. 04/06/2014Rich heritage places Champener on the Gujarat tourist trail
  141. 03/06/2014Sam Smith rockets to chart success
  142. 03/06/2014Portsmouth museum gears up for 70th anniversary of D-Day
  143. 02/06/2014Lorde world tour heading to Australia next
  144. 02/06/201450 years of Iranian contemporary art on show in Paris
  145. 30/05/2014Nuits Sonores spreads its electronic beats around Lyon
  146. 29/05/2014Major WWI exhibition in Berlin explores influence on 20th century
  147. 29/05/2014Wow y’all – Sturgill Simpson introduces psychedelic country music
  148. 28/05/2014EU election results spice up cultural debate at European Lab gabfest
  149. 27/05/2014Beyond the barricades and battles in Kyiv – the art of Ukraine
  150. 27/05/2014Lady Gaga’s former wigmaker Max Marshall releases family affair single
  151. 23/05/2014New Santana album bursts with ‘rascally’ Latin music talent
  152. 23/05/2014It’s no secret: Snowden is now a comic book hero
  153. 22/05/2014Dining with Napoleon
  154. 22/05/2014Sugar Sphinx draws crowds in Brooklyn, Pergamon Museum renovation
  155. 21/05/2014Damascus Opera House victim of civil war
  156. 20/05/2014‘Mamma Mia’ – the Hungarian way
  157. 20/05/2014Retro-soul wonder Bernhoft launches new album
  158. 19/05/2014Paris museum explores history of tattoos
  159. 19/05/2014Pixies first album in 23 years
  160. 16/05/2014Final follies: Palm Springs oldies show bows out
  161. 16/05/2014East meets West at Hong Kong art show
  162. 15/05/2014Iconic memorabilia goes under the hammer in NYC
  163. 15/05/2014Avant-garde theatre marks WWI centenary in Prague
  164. 15/05/2014California Dreamin: LA celebrates canyon of creativity
  165. 14/05/2014Julio Iglesias honoured and on tour
  166. 14/05/2014Blondie hits the big 4-0
  167. 13/05/2014Milky Chance see their success soar
  168. 12/05/2014Echoes of the Sound of Music
  169. 12/05/2014Comics exhibit shows art and anarchy in UK
  170. 09/05/2014Big Five Eurovision competitors revving up to go
  171. 09/05/2014After second semi-final, Eurovision die is cast
  172. 08/05/2014Hidirellez Festival wants UNESCO protection
  173. 08/05/2014Napoleon not forgotten on Elba
  174. 07/05/2014Russia and Ukraine get through first Eurovision semi-final
  175. 06/05/2014Bob Dylan’s ‘Drawn Blank Series’ debuts in the US
  176. 05/05/2014Balkan Trafik: a music festival at a cultural crossroads
  177. 05/05/2014Neon Trees: New album for American Mormon rock band
  178. 05/05/2014Drawing for peace
  179. 02/05/2014Wilko Johnson defies cancer to record hit album with Roger Daltry
  180. 02/05/2014Malala Yousafzai portrait for sale
  181. 01/05/2014‘Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’ leads Tony nominations
  182. 01/05/2014Latvia warms up for Eurovision with a foreigner
  183. 01/05/2014Rare and magnificent diamonds under the hammer
  184. 30/04/2014Jared Leto tours with ’30 Seconds to Mars’ but without his filthy Oscar
  185. 29/04/2014Showing the invisible
  186. 29/04/2014Tours, releases, hits and more…
  187. 28/04/2014Desert life in Gujarat
  188. 25/04/2014Rubik’s Cube hits mid-life crisis
  189. 25/04/2014Nigeria’s Ice Prince wants to go global
  190. 23/04/2014Vinyl rocks on with super speedy Jack White single
  191. 23/04/2014Matt Goss crosses the Atlantic for ‘uplifting’ new soul swing album
  192. 22/04/2014A hot Aussie rapper and a steaming country duo
  193. 22/04/2014Beirut dance festival celebrates the collision of bodies and words
  194. 21/04/2014Largest collection of Chinese erotic art on display in Hong Kong
  195. 21/04/2014Hungarian Eurovision song deals with tough issues
  196. 18/04/2014Giant eggs to celebrate Croatian naive art
  197. 18/04/2014A-ha singer Morten Harket launches new album
  198. 17/04/2014Jason Derulo Talks Dirty in new album
  199. 17/04/2014Chrissie Hynde goes solo
  200. 17/04/2014Bold Matisse cut-outs on show at Tate Modern
  201. 16/04/2014Mapplethorpe versus Rodin in Paris
  202. 15/04/2014Poetry in motion, bikes on show
  203. 14/04/2014Memories in Budapest as Hungarian radio leaves its old home
  204. 11/04/2014Art Cologne: sales tax rise dampens dealers’ spirits
  205. 11/04/2014Out of this world: Moscow State Circus puts on alien show
  206. 11/04/2014Play ‘sets the record straight’ about anti-war activist Jane Fonda
  207. 10/04/2014Rockers unite, pretty boys excite, and Coldplay go oriental
  208. 10/04/2014Fashion Week kicks off in Rio and Shanghai
  209. 09/04/2014Britain’s Imperial War Museum marks WWI centenary
  210. 09/04/2014What do you get when you cross bubbles with art? Bubble wrap art!
  211. 09/04/2014JC Superstar tours North America, Radcliffe on Broadway, Abba marks 40
  212. 08/04/2014Estonia gets ready for an all singing, all dancing ‘Amazing’ Eurovision
  213. 07/04/2014Tove Lo goes it alone with confessional electropop offering
  214. 07/04/2014Largest Ai Weiwei show ever opens in Berlin
  215. 07/04/2014French artist lives inside bear for 13 days
  216. 04/04/2014Models and designers celebrate Italian fashion at exhibition in London
  217. 04/04/2014Mike Kelley eclectic retrospective comes home to Los Angeles
  218. 04/04/2014R&B star Ashanti is back with ‘vulnerable, transparent, sincere’ new album Braveheart
  219. 04/04/2014Sao Paulo provides perfect patterns for the onset of summer
  220. 03/04/2014The grand Budapest theatrical extravaganza
  221. 02/04/2014Hans Richter back on show in Berlin, the city that influenced his radical art
  222. 02/04/2014From Florida with love Jake Owen hits the road
  223. 01/04/2014Singing nun on Italy’s ‘Voice’ goes viral, Iraqi singer wins Arabia version
  224. 01/04/2014London’s cat cafe serves up purr…fect cup of coffee
  225. 31/03/2014Steel Panther’s heavy metal parody is the real deal
  226. 31/03/2014Rembrandt Bugatti’s bronze beasts in Berlin
  227. 28/03/2014Old and new on Rascal Flatts latest country album
  228. 28/03/2014Movie history for sale in Marlene Dietrich Los Angeles auction
  229. 28/03/2014Simon Cowell is producer but not puppet master of X Factor parody musical
  230. 27/03/2014Westlife’s Kian Egan goes solo
  231. 26/03/2014New posthumous Johnny Cash album released
  232. 26/03/2014Nicole Car – the rising star of opera
  233. 25/03/2014How a cyborg artist ‘hears’ colours
  234. 24/03/2014Sean Kuti slams IMF austerity in new album
  235. 24/03/2014Azerbaijan celebrates Nowruz
  236. 21/03/2014Dubai shines in Festival of Lights
  237. 21/03/2014Polish priest spreads gospel through hip hop
  238. 21/03/2014Transgender punk singer on tour
  239. 20/03/2014London museum celebrates iconic Bondmobiles
  240. 19/03/2014Art Dubai: spotlight on Central Asia and Caucasus
  241. 18/03/2014Fashion rises in the east
  242. 17/03/2014It’s boxing with songs – ‘Rocky the Musical’ hits Broadway
  243. 17/03/2014Shadowland dances into UK
  244. 14/03/2014Fashion to the fore in Mumbai
  245. 14/03/2014Bollywood bowled over at Lakme Fashion Week
  246. 14/03/2014Van Gogh: Musee d’Orsay exhibition reappraises his madness
  247. 13/03/2014Kylie’s back with a new album ‘Kiss Me Once’
  248. 12/03/2014Miranda Lambert duets with Carrie Underwood, Dan Croll is backed by grandma
  249. 12/03/2014Adam Lambert prepares for summer tour with Queen
  250. 11/03/2014Lisbon Fashion Week literally goes to town
  251. 11/03/2014Gucci and Kellogg’s to work together fighting for women’s rights
  252. 10/03/2014Lisbon steps out in style
  253. 10/03/2014Performing a life
  254. 10/03/2014WWI portraits tell war stories
  255. 07/03/2014Marrakesh Biennale takes to exalted venues
  256. 06/03/2014Burlesque fuels booty boom in the USA
  257. 06/03/2014Chanel goes shopping, Valentino keeps it classical, McQueen creates a fantasy, and van Herpen experiments
  258. 05/03/2014Paris Fashion: McCartney sporty, Raf Simons colourful, Kenzo inspired
  259. 05/03/2014Googoosh sings out in support of Iran’s gays and lesbians
  260. 04/03/2014Space and the 70s inspires Paris fashion week
  261. 03/03/2014Belgium during the great war
  262. 27/02/2014Luxury and psychedelic fashion kicks off in Paris
  263. 26/02/2014Undies on show at Paris Fashion Week
  264. 26/02/2014Dazzled by Rehberger
  265. 26/02/2014Iranian/French dance fusion takes in literature and legends
  266. 25/02/2014Fashion twins look to Hollywood for Milan show
  267. 25/02/2014Jamie Lynn Spears on her country offering and advice from big sister Britney
  268. 24/02/2014Cavalli offers spectacular fashion show in Milan
  269. 24/02/2014A Great Big World launch album after Aguilera duo hit
  270. 21/02/2014Gucci kicks off Milan Fashion Week
  271. 21/02/2014Cristina Branco reinvents Fado
  272. 20/02/2014Black Submarine launch debut album
  273. 20/02/2014LIVE: 2014 ETAM Fashion show (live from Paris)
  274. 19/02/2014Australian soldiers re-live their combat experiences on stage
  275. 18/02/2014Tom Ford oozes luxury at London Fashion Week
  276. 18/02/2014Australian troubadour Vance Joy hits Europe
  277. 17/02/2014Fashion takes a splash in London
  278. 17/02/2014Meet your ancestors in London museum
  279. 14/02/2014Tate pays homage to pop-art icon Richard Hamilton
  280. 13/02/2014George Michael new single
  281. 13/02/2014Vera Wang offers dark romance in New York and Diesel rocks denim
  282. 12/02/2014Paris museum sheds light on nightlife
  283. 11/02/2014Ski-resort ambiance for Hilfiger in New York
  284. 10/02/2014NY Fashion: Von Furstenberg wrap turns 40
  285. 10/02/2014Woody Allen celebrated in Buenos Aires
  286. 07/02/2014Big hearts at NY Fashion Week
  287. 07/02/2014The real Monuments Men revealed
  288. 06/02/2014Driving the roads of yesteryear in Paris with vintage cars from India
  289. 05/02/2014Decomposing video art
  290. 05/02/2014Above and Beyond the call of duty
  291. 04/02/2014Shakira and Rihanna in bed together for provocative new music video
  292. 03/02/2014Record sales expected at Sotherby’s auction
  293. 31/01/2014“Behind the mask” of the world’s great actors
  294. 31/01/2014Unplugged with Miley and Madonna
  295. 31/01/2014Band of Skulls finally headlining with release of new album ‘Himalayan’
  296. 30/01/2014Mötley Crüe call it quits, Bieber not in trouble
  297. 30/01/2014Chagall: back to his roots in Belarus
  298. 29/01/2014Touch, climb, explore – interactive architecture at Britain’s Royal Academy
  299. 29/01/2014Metal/punk band Skindred roll back the years with new album
  300. 28/01/2014Cowboy love story ‘Brokeback Mountain’ is a different kind of opera
  301. 27/01/2014Bendy Chinese paper art stuns New Yorkers
  302. 24/01/2014Paris Fashion: Armani lights up Palais de Tokyo
  303. 24/01/2014Los Angeles gears up for Grammys
  304. 24/01/2014Exploring Greece’s relationship with the sea
  305. 24/01/2014Butterflies flutter down Gaultier Paris catwalk
  306. 23/01/2014‘Grease’ musical plays Pakistan, Bollywood star Chopra signs record deal
  307. 23/01/2014‘The 1975’: UK’s shiniest new pop band
  308. 22/01/2014Schiaparelli returns to Paris
  309. 22/01/2014Colombia cover group ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ of Depeche Mode
  310. 22/01/2014Legendary Italian fashion designer’s clothes auctioned.
  311. 21/01/2014Paris spring fashion: glitz and glamour
  312. 21/01/2014Nordic Noir boom
  313. 20/01/2014Intriguing Art in Sydney, Postdam and London
  314. 17/01/2014Carven & Valentino: highlights of first day of menswear shows in Paris
  315. 17/01/2014Neon Jungle target US market
  316. 17/01/2014Cologne furniture fair: ‘The trend is that there is no trend’
  317. 16/01/2014Berlin fashion struts its stuff
  318. 15/01/2014The singing imam who sees music as a gift from God
  319. 15/01/2014Fashion from Milan and Hong Kong
  320. 14/01/2014Romania’s traditional glass-making under threat
  321. 14/01/2014Men in touch with their feminine side at Milan Fashion Week
  322. 13/01/2014K-pop goes global
  323. 10/01/2014Brits: Bastille and Disclosure in the lead
  324. 09/01/2014Cirque du Soleil at 30, Filipino carer storms Israel X-Factor, fashion in the War Rooms
  325. 09/01/2014R. Kelly raunches it up with ‘Black Panties’
  326. 08/01/2014Elyar Fox: the next Justin Bieber?
  327. 08/01/2014Cross-dressing at London fashion show
  328. 07/01/2014London calling: menswear on parade in British fashion show
  329. 07/01/2014Lorde: an artist to watch
  330. 17/12/2013Economic difficulties and divisions provide inspiration for performing arts in Cyprus
  331. 02/09/2013Charlie Chaplin museum scheduled to open
  332. 26/07/2013Kalamata Dance Festival nurtures newcomers, revisits classics
  333. 26/07/2013Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger turns 70
  334. 12/07/2013Backstreet Boys Performing Live
  335. 11/07/2013Sur le stage d’Avignon
  336. 10/07/2013Maceo Parker gets funky at Gnaoua festival
  337. 09/07/2013A new music direction for Boxer Rebellion
  338. 08/07/2013‘All one soul’ – targeting racism in Greece through theatre
  339. 05/07/2013Paris couture: Gaultier, Valentino, Margiela and Saab
  340. 04/07/2013Muslim women in focus at photo show
  341. 04/07/2013Paris couture: Lagerfeld, Armani and Rolland
  342. 03/07/2013Couture week: Dior, Valli and Van Herpen
  343. 02/07/2013Timitar: a ‘cultural crossroads’
  344. 01/07/2013Beckham at Louis Vuitton’s Paris show
  345. 28/06/2013Abstract trailblazer Klint edges out Kandinsky and Co
  346. 28/06/2013Valentino and Carven at Paris men’s fashion
  347. 27/06/2013Oum: a Moroccan diva
  348. 26/06/2013Play Me, I’m Yours
  349. 26/06/2013Milan: pieces of the past and hints of the future
  350. 25/06/2013A taxing time for some at Milan fashion week
  351. 24/06/2013Curtain up at Astana Opera
  352. 24/06/2013Gnaoua Festival: Morocco’s musical melting pot
  353. 21/06/2013Belarus Press Photo shrugs off state harassment
  354. 20/06/2013The best brick on the block
  355. 19/06/2013LeAnn Rimes releases new ‘divorce album’
  356. 19/06/2013Veteran stars in Vienne
  357. 18/06/2013Sarah Burton steals the show at London Collection: Men
  358. 17/06/2013Garance Doré: from an online diary to opinion leadership
  359. 17/06/201355th Venice Biennale welcomes Bahrain
  360. 14/06/2013Ai Weiwei’s milk powder-inspired map of China
  361. 13/06/2013Art Basel opens for 2013
  362. 13/06/2013Beatle Ringo Starr exhibition opens in Los Angeles
  363. 12/06/2013Indonesia’s Grand Wedding Expo kicks off
  364. 12/06/2013Construction begins on new African American History Museum
  365. 11/06/2013Graphic ‘Pictoplasma’ exhibition wows Madrid
  366. 10/06/2013Pissarro exhibition comes to Madrid
  367. 07/06/2013Free opera for the unemployed
  368. 07/06/2013‘Happy Consumption’ midst Portuguese recession
  369. 06/06/2013Black Sabbath hire the man with the midas touch
  370. 06/06/2013Pixar exhibition celebrates 25 years
  371. 05/06/2013Berlin Wall art collection goes under the hammer
  372. 04/06/2013Marseille unveils long awaited MuCEM
  373. 03/06/2013Venice Biennale – more than a century of history
  374. 31/05/2013Holocaust and McDonald’s influence Chapman brothers exhibition
  375. 30/05/2013Galliano takes the accordion to Vivaldi
  376. 29/05/2013Mario Biondi: Italy’s Barry White
  377. 29/05/2013Bach, to the future
  378. 28/05/2013Lovato back on track
  379. 27/05/2013France rules the electro-waves
  380. 23/05/2013Home Opera wows Berlin and heads for Denmark
  381. 23/05/2013Leipzig comes alive for 200 year anniversary of Wagner
  382. 22/05/2013Rubens at the Louvre
  383. 21/05/2013China China in Ukraine
  384. 20/05/2013Phoenix rise again with new album
  385. 17/05/2013Eurovision: our tips and the bookmakers’ favourites
  386. 17/05/2013Malmö welcomes Eurovision thousands
  387. 17/05/2013Eurovision: The final running order
  388. 17/05/2013Eurovision: The Big Five and…Sweden
  389. 16/05/2013Barbie’s dream house splits opinion
  390. 16/05/2013Chilly Gonzales on tour
  391. 14/05/2013Something for everyone at Frieze Art Fair in NY
  392. 13/05/2013Eurovision: New beginnings for Estonia’s Birgit
  393. 10/05/2013Eurovision: watch and judge the songs right now! (Part 4)
  394. 10/05/2013Eurovision Song Contest set for Semi Final 2
  395. 10/05/2013Eurovision: Ukraine’s Golden Fire
  396. 09/05/2013Rock roundup
  397. 09/05/2013Punk takes over New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art
  398. 09/05/2013Hungary’s ballad to win Eurovision?
  399. 08/05/2013Nuits Sonores kick off in Lyon
  400. 07/05/2013New moves for Ravel’s Bolero
  401. 07/05/2013Eurovision: watch and judge the songs right now! (Part 3)
  402. 07/05/2013Eurovision: watch and judge the songs right now! (Part 2)
  403. 07/05/2013Eurovision: watch and judge the songs right now! (Part 1)
  404. 06/05/2013Thank you for the music
  405. 03/05/2013Jeddah Sculptures Restoration
  406. 03/05/2013Greek tragedy resonates with modern audience
  407. 02/05/2013Kerala: Dancing with the past
  408. 02/05/2013Catalan eatery is world’s best restaurant
  409. 01/05/2013Springsteen and E Street Band on the road in Europe
  410. 01/05/2013‘The Nights’ a dance feast of Mediterranean flavour
  411. 01/05/2013Get ready for Europe’s music festival season!
  412. 30/04/2013Soprano Brightman aims even higher
  413. 29/04/2013Dali gets the full treatment in Madrid
  414. 26/04/2013Skunk Anansie ‘unplugged’
  415. 25/04/2013Sound mixes with art to reinvigorate the centre of Athens
  416. 24/04/2013European theatre silver anniv tour
  417. 24/04/2013‘Balkan Trafik’ returns to Brussels for a seventh year
  418. 23/04/2013Foals hit the road
  419. 22/04/2013Walls which tell stories
  420. 22/04/2013Ai Weiwei: the play of the book of the arrest
  421. 19/04/2013Satire and laughs at World Press Cartoon
  422. 18/04/2013A jazzy ‘Happy Mistake’ from Raphael Gualazzi
  423. 17/04/2013‘The Little Prince’ who never grows old
  424. 16/04/2013Philip Glass’s ‘Lost’ opera finds a home in Austria
  425. 15/04/2013Salgado’s epic photo project debuts in London
  426. 12/04/2013Painting the Cuban paradox
  427. 11/04/2013Robots rock Heavy Metal
  428. 10/04/2013Twitter row hits the right notes
  429. 10/04/2013What will be the TV hits of 2014?
  430. 09/04/2013Kinky Boots on Broadway
  431. 08/04/2013150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
  432. 08/04/2013The return of the Rijksmuseum
  433. 05/04/2013MIPTV celebrates half a century
  434. 05/04/2013From museums to mountains
  435. 05/04/2013String revisionists
  436. 04/04/2013Meatloaf prepares for stage exit
  437. 03/04/2013Tom Hanks on Broadway
  438. 03/04/2013‘Little French Songs’ Bruni’s latest tilt at singing success
  439. 02/04/2013Moura sings the Portuguese blues
  440. 01/04/2013Fifty Shades of Grey – the musical
  441. 29/03/2013Italian ‘master’ Battiato hits the road
  442. 29/03/2013Tattoos without taboos
  443. 28/03/2013What if Europe was the world of Game of Thrones?
  444. 28/03/2013Pompeii and Herculaneum at the British Museum
  445. 28/03/2013Heads turned at Chinese and Russian fashion weeks
  446. 27/03/2013Show goes on at the Bolshoi post acid attack
  447. 25/03/2013Rocking the regime in Cuba
  448. 22/03/2013Novruz: Here comes the sun
  449. 21/03/2013Bowie expo sells out at V&A
  450. 21/03/2013Learning to wield a light sabre
  451. 21/03/2013Kate Nash Goes It Alone
  452. 19/03/2013Rasta bites Dogg who turns into Lion
  453. 18/03/2013Weaving chords of beauty in Baku
  454. 15/03/2013Mumford & Sons on tour
  455. 14/03/2013Michael Caine on show
  456. 13/03/2013The Next Day, from Bowie
  457. 08/03/2013Bridgit Mendler turns to singing
  458. 07/03/2013Wilko Johnson’s farewell tour
  459. 06/03/2013Lara Croft Tomb Raider: game on
  460. 06/03/2013Chanel at Paris Fashion Week
  461. 05/03/2013Yves Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week
  462. 04/03/2013Jean Paul Gaultier at Paris Fashion Week
  463. 04/03/2013Chagall as historian
  464. 01/03/2013Paris Fashion A-listers and more
  465. 28/02/2013Karl-Horst Hödicke retrospective
  466. 27/02/2013Etam at Paris Fashion Week
  467. 26/02/2013Dolce & Gabbana
  468. 22/02/2013Ono, only Ono in Frankfurt
  469. 21/02/2013Lichtenstein makes the Tate go Whaam!
  470. 20/02/2013Madrid kicks off fashion week
  471. 19/02/2013Burberry, Williamson and Kane at London Fashion Week
  472. 18/02/2013Rihanna shows River Island collection
  473. 15/02/2013Mandela photos go on sale in New York
  474. 14/02/2013Tim McGraw looks forward to part two of his career
  475. 13/02/2013John Galliano’s presence felt in Oscar de la Renta show
  476. 12/02/2013‘BJ kicks A’ collection premieres in New York
  477. 12/02/2013Von Furstenberg, Hilfiger show in NY Fashion week
  478. 06/02/2013Josh Groban: All That Echoes
  479. 04/02/2013‘Danz’ along to Swiss Lips’ sounds
  480. 01/02/2013Asterix creator honoured at cartoon festival
  481. 31/01/2013Making algebra fun – meet the Maths Rapper
  482. 30/01/2013Ayyam Gallery, London challenges perceptions of Arabic art
  483. 29/01/2013Austen still nice little runner 200 years on
  484. 25/01/2013Teller show rounds up the last 10 years
  485. 24/01/2013Paris haute couture: Gaultier and Valentino
  486. 24/01/2013Manet’s portraits
  487. 23/01/2013Paris Fashion week rolls on
  488. 21/01/2013Paris fashion week kicks off
  489. 16/01/2013Food photo show: good enough to eat?
  490. 15/01/2013Milan fashion plays safe
  491. 10/01/2013Music tips for the top for 2013
  492. 08/01/2013Men’s fashion: Hackett’s jackets and more
  493. 07/01/2013The best of Berlin’s graffiti
  494. 21/12/2012Hillsborough tribute single makes No. 1 spot
  495. 20/12/2012One Pound Fish scales the charts
  496. 19/12/2012DSK play opens in Paris
  497. 18/12/2012Charlie Simpson is the king of cool
  498. 17/12/2012Kesha is back with her second full-length studio album
  499. 12/12/2012Ireland’s famous Book of Kells given a new app
  500. 11/12/2012Rostropovich Festival in Baku
  501. 10/12/2012Kyla La Grange “Ashes” album well received
  502. 07/12/2012Light artists commemorate the saving of Lyon
  503. 07/12/2012Shoes take centre stage in Milan
  504. 06/12/2012Moscow exhibition asks how you perceive women in the world
  505. 06/12/2012American singer is, “A Girl on Fire”
  506. 04/12/2012The Louvre branches out
  507. 28/11/2012Will new album mirror Emilia’s big, big hit?
  508. 23/11/2012Women photographers exhibit in Paris
  509. 23/11/2012Kapoor goes Gangnam for Ai Weiwei
  510. 21/11/2012Ne-yo classic words for dance album
  511. 19/11/2012Rihanna seven day tour
  512. 16/11/2012Paris Photo at the Grand Palais
  513. 12/11/2012Bieber and Swift sweep the MTV Europe awards
  514. 09/11/2012All eyes on “Fashion Rio”
  515. 08/11/2012Taylor Swift helps get London into the Christmas spirit
  516. 07/11/2012Rare Andy Warhol work goes under the hammer in NYC
  517. 06/11/2012Portugal’s fado queen Mariza tours Europe
  518. 01/11/2012World’s narrowest house opens in Warsaw
  519. 31/10/2012Tasteful fashion in Paris
  520. 23/10/2012Turks dance up a storm in Belgium
  521. 17/10/2012Brad Pitt guest at Chanel exhibition
  522. 11/10/2012Rock ‘n’ roll princess Presley releases country album
  523. 04/10/2012Opera Lulu gets a blues and jazz makeover
  524. 03/10/2012Baku presents a symphony of youth
  525. 03/10/2012Chalayan’s new collection seizes the day
  526. 28/09/2012Guillarmé vs the big guns at Paris Fashion Week
  527. 26/09/2012K-pop rools
  528. 25/09/2012Milano Modo Donna closes
  529. 21/09/2012Gucci gets the fashion ball rolling in Milan
  530. 20/09/2012Curtain closes on London fashion week 2012
  531. 19/09/2012Vivienne Westwood: “Don’t buy anything.”
  532. 14/09/2012Kate Middleton’s long lost cousin strips for Playboy
  533. 10/09/2012New York Fashion: Hilfiger and von Furstenberg
  534. 07/09/2012One Direction steal show at MTV Video Music Awards
  535. 05/09/2012George Michael back on tour
  536. 30/08/2012Argentine couple tango to victory
  537. 29/08/2012Architecture seeks Common Ground in Venice
  538. 28/08/2012Italian car design revs up Los Angeles
  539. 07/08/2012Gabala festival where music hits a peak
  540. 24/07/2012Drinking to make music
  541. 20/07/2012Music: Paléo Festival, Nyon
  542. 19/07/2012Japan’s International Fashion Fair gets underway
  543. 18/07/2012Hall of “shame” – Chinese corruption exhibition
  544. 12/07/2012Chinese interact with 3D art
  545. 10/07/2012Montreux Jazz Festival
  546. 26/06/2012Prada goes for sporty stripes at Milan
  547. 25/06/2012Gnaoua mixes music and equestrian display
  548. 22/06/201215th Gnaoua Music Festival starts in Morocco
  549. 21/06/2012Exhibition honours late Girls in Uniform star
  550. 18/06/2012London Men’s Fashion week: let’s hear it for the boys!
  551. 13/06/2012Dallas is back: Welcome to Southfork… again
  552. 12/06/2012Risqué photographer’s hot shots
  553. 11/06/2012Garbage are Not Your Kind of People
  554. 01/06/2012Ukraine’s first Contemporary Art fair opens in Kyiv
  555. 31/05/2012Klimt masterpieces on show in New York
  556. 28/05/2012Sweden euphoric after Eurovision win
  557. 23/05/2012New Order plays Lyon festival
  558. 16/05/2012Powerful plates: the delicious rise of Nordic cuisine
  559. 15/05/2012Lagerfeld presents Chanel cruise collection
  560. 14/05/2012Eurovision excitement builds in Azerbaijan
  561. 11/05/2012Colourful new look for Grand Palais
  562. 09/05/2012Marc jacobs supports future designers
  563. 26/04/2012Romania’s Eurovision entry reaches No. 3
  564. 26/04/2012Owen Jones design show in UAE
  565. 19/04/2012Azrié and Adonis collaborate on new album
  566. 19/04/2012Wedding bells for fashion in New York and Karachi
  567. 16/04/2012An unreal future Moscow in 3-D
  568. 13/04/2012Titanic sinking sets standards for modern, international journalism
  569. 12/04/2012Titanic memories, a personal story
  570. 11/04/2012Art exhibition for Rolling Stones guitarist
  571. 03/04/2012Hand in hand: mesmerising finger ballet
  572. 29/03/2012Leonardo’s last masterpiece unveils its secrets
  573. 23/03/2012Norouz New Year in Persia
  574. 14/03/2012Degas and the nude
  575. 02/03/2012Paris Fashion: Owens, Ricci and Carven
  576. 28/02/2012Actress Helen Mirren wows Milan fashionistas
  577. 21/02/2012London Fashion Week heads towards climax
  578. 20/02/2012Picasso and British art
  579. 14/02/2012Pina Bausch remembered at Paris Opera House
  580. 09/02/2012Major Freud portrait exhibition in London
  581. 09/02/2012Andrej Pejic: gender-bending supermodel
  582. 13/01/2012French musician writes Obama’s 2012 theme tune
  583. 10/01/2012Angel art alights in Jerusalem
  584. 06/01/2012Shape up with poles and powerballs
  585. 05/01/2012The photographer, the nude model and pots and pots of paint
  586. 02/01/2012‘King of Cling’ honored at Dutch museum
  587. 14/12/2011Christmas Music
  588. 13/12/2011Pirelli presents its 2012 ‘glamour’ calendar
  589. 07/12/2011Unesco award for Portuguese Fado
  590. 30/11/2011Mexico’s YouTube Sensation
  591. 03/11/2011Achtung Baby at 20: Even Better Than The Real Thing
  592. 25/10/2011Fashion in Russia and Portugal
  593. 14/10/2011Riccardo Muti wins again
  594. 10/10/2011Muniz retrospective: good enough to eat
  595. 07/10/2011Jessie J steals show at MOBO awards
  596. 04/10/2011Paris Fashion Week: Hermes, Rykiel and Pugh
  597. 28/09/2011Life is a bubble for some hotel guests in Paris
  598. 23/09/2011The ‘terrible beauty’ of La Biennale de Lyon
  599. 22/09/2011Femme Fatale tour hits Europe
  600. 22/09/2011Iranian Superstar Mohammad-Reza Shajarian tour
  601. 20/09/2011Classics with a new twist at London Fashion Week
  602. 16/09/2011New York: Klein, Jacobs and Kors
  603. 02/09/2011Katsushika Hokusai expo opens in Berlin
  604. 29/07/2011Chicago with Christie Brinkley, once more with feeling
  605. 04/07/2011Artists show off body of work
  606. 17/06/2011Sao Paulo show unveils latest in Brazilian fashion
  607. 10/06/2011Linda McCartney: life through the lens
  608. 07/06/2011Making waves: art show in Budapest lake
  609. 03/06/2011Venice Biennale starts… with a tank and a treadmill
  610. 01/06/2011New direction for Andrea Corr
  611. 26/05/2011‘This is Gonna Hurt’ – art inspired by handicap
  612. 11/05/2011Dr House sings the blues
  613. 21/04/2011British newcomer Jessie J releases debut album
  614. 05/04/2011Pompeii exhibition opens in New York
  615. 21/03/2011Rock’n roll photographer shoots stars old-style
  616. 11/03/2011Milan exhibits multi-talented Alberto Savinio
  617. 28/02/2011Adele’s new album