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Hoba Hoba’s ‘Moroccan spirit’

30/05 15:06 CET

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  1. 05/05/2016Manga fan Jamie-Lee to sing for Germany at Eurovision Contest
  2. 04/05/2016Chanel stages fashion extravaganza in Cuba
  3. 04/05/2016Pompeii museum reopens after 36 years
  4. 03/05/2016Rufus Wainwright puts Shakespeare sonnets to music
  5. 02/05/2016Azeri city of of Sheki is cultural capital of Turkic world
  6. 02/05/2016Bikinis dominate Sao Paulo Fashion Week
  7. 02/05/2016Odell hits right notes with ‘Wrong Crowd’
  8. 29/04/2016Ai Weiwei promises documentary to follow refugee shows
  9. 29/04/2016Walt Disney Family Museum showcases Pinocchio
  10. 29/04/2016Tanita Tikaram is back with new album
  11. 28/04/2016All you ever wanted to know about underwear at the V&A
  12. 28/04/2016Stevie Nicks remembers Prince at surprise Broadway gig
  13. 27/04/2016Eurovision logo says a lot about EU’s health
  14. 27/04/2016Sao Paulo Fashion Week goes sober amid Brazil crisis
  15. 26/04/2016New museum opens in Brussels’ Molenbeek district
  16. 26/04/2016Beyoncé sings about Jay Z’s alleged infidelity in ‘Lemonade’
  17. 25/04/2016Spain marks 400th anniversary of Cervantes’ death
  18. 25/04/2016Stop polluting the oceans, says indigenous Australian art in Monaco
  19. 22/04/2016Prince: Fans pay tribute to His Royal Purpleness
  20. 21/04/2016Sitgimgut, the Jindo art of cleansing the soul of the dead
  21. 21/04/2016Shakespeare in Ten Acts: a portrait of the Bard’s life and works
  22. 20/04/2016Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’ scoops Pulitzer prize
  23. 20/04/2016Cairo feels the beat at contemporary arts festival
  24. 19/04/2016Flashy cars take over Dubai for Gulf Car Festival
  25. 19/04/2016Oldest art fair Art Cologne marks 50th anniversary
  26. 18/04/2016Charlie Chaplin museum opens
  27. 18/04/2016Brussels hosts festival to celebrate best of the Balkans
  28. 18/04/2016Budapest holds its third international theatre festival
  29. 15/04/2016‘The Language of Beauty’ Mayan art on show in Berlin
  30. 15/04/2016Jüri Pootsmann Estonia’s pop idol primed for Eurovision success
  31. 14/04/2016Bulgarian businessman turns passion for Soviet-era cars into museum spectacle
  32. 14/04/2016Painting found in French attic could be 120m euro Caravaggio
  33. 13/04/2016Russian cartoon Masha and the Bear goes viral
  34. 12/04/2016‘Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse’
  35. 12/04/2016America’s latest pop-soul sensation is…Danish
  36. 11/04/2016Playmobil figures honoured in Bolivian museum exhibition
  37. 11/04/20161,2,3,4 Ramones show rocks NYC
  38. 08/04/2016Aarhus presented his program for European Capital of Culture in 2017
  39. 08/04/2016Pakistan Fashion in Karachi
  40. 08/04/2016Successful debut for new ballet director at Greek National Opera
  41. 07/04/2016Cirque du Soleil makes Broadway debut
  42. 07/04/2016Tallinn Music Week brings together Creativity for Change
  43. 07/04/2016The Voice talents Joe & Jake to take on Eurovision
  44. 06/04/2016Hungarian classical music TV talent show goes global
  45. 06/04/2016Rome museum offers unique, immersive Caravaggio Experience
  46. 05/04/2016Tallinn festival celebrates fusion of music from around the world
  47. 04/04/2016Lyon Opera shines light on Syria
  48. 01/04/2016Mad circus design brings fun twist to office life
  49. 01/04/2016Keep on rockin’ in the (non) free world
  50. 31/03/2016Nashville rock band The Wild Feathers back in bloom with album number two
  51. 31/03/2016Graffiti art comes to life at night in Jerusalem market
  52. 30/03/2016Trainor hopes “No” will prove it’s not all about that bass
  53. 30/03/2016Emin and Stone honeymoon in Hong Kong with new show
  54. 29/03/2016Ostrer portraits of offal celebrities in “Ego System” show
  55. 29/03/2016Lawson on the Money
  56. 28/03/2016Berlin show highlights artists’ holiday pictures in “We’re off then”
  57. 28/03/2016Hemingway’s “The Fifth Column” revived in London after 70-year curtain
  58. 25/03/2016Budapest honours father of op art Victor Vasarely
  59. 24/03/2016Art Basel Hong Kong 2016
  60. 23/03/2016Acosta returns to Cuban roots with a classic contemporary dance mix
  61. 21/03/2016Portugal’s best cartoons celebrated
  62. 18/03/2016Through the thought provoking lens of Andres Serrano
  63. 17/03/2016Dita teases Paris at the Crazy Horse
  64. 17/03/2016Country music reaps a rich harvest of old and new
  65. 16/03/2016The ‘Not New Now’ art biennial in Marrakech
  66. 15/03/2016Pete Yorn returns with new album ‘Arranging Time’
  67. 14/03/2016Yoko Ono goes towards the light at Lyon’s Museum of Contemporary Art
  68. 14/03/2016DNCE gets funky with a bit of Cake By The Ocean
  69. 11/03/2016Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson eyes US market, dismisses Rihanna comparisons
  70. 10/03/2016Slovenian Putin parody goes viral
  71. 10/03/2016Dior offers Paris elegance with a twist at fashion week show
  72. 09/03/2016US teen chases ballerina dream in Moscow
  73. 09/03/2016Inside New York’s newest art museum
  74. 08/03/2016Vivienne Westwood pays homage to designer husband in Paris
  75. 07/03/2016London and Moscow swap iconic art
  76. 07/03/2016Petite Noir tours with ‘Life is Beautiful’
  77. 04/03/2016Manish Arora shows his sweet surrealist side at Paris Fashion week
  78. 03/03/2016Welcome Among Us, an evening of classical music for refugees in Germany
  79. 03/03/2016Rochas in bloom at Paris Fashion Week
  80. 03/03/2016Phil Collins on fatherhood and a musical comeback
  81. 02/03/2016Niki de St Phalle inspires Paris Fashion Week opening show
  82. 02/03/2016Putting the art into artificial intelligence as a critic robot tours Quai Branly in Paris
  83. 01/03/2016Milan Fashion Week ends with velvet and sparkles
  84. 01/03/2016ARCO Madrid marks 35th anniversary
  85. 29/02/2016Oscars 2016: Mad Max and Leonardo DiCaprio are the night’s big winners
  86. 25/02/2016Milan Fashion Week opens in burst of colour and femininity
  87. 25/02/2016The Lumineers to launch new album and tour in April
  88. 25/02/2016Hozier and Saoirse Ronan combat domestic violence
  89. 24/02/2016Shopping carts, selfie sticks and a changing earth – contemporary art in Jeddah
  90. 23/02/2016Alexander McQueen returns to London catwalk
  91. 23/02/2016Tiggs Da Author: the next Pharrell
  92. 22/02/2016Budapest celebrates 90 years of György Kurtág
  93. 18/02/2016Pavlova tribute highlight of Sochi Winter Festival
  94. 18/02/2016Hometown celebrates Hieronymus Bosch in near-complete collection
  95. 17/02/2016The Little Prince is out of this world in Don’t Leave Your Planet
  96. 17/02/2016Zac Posen’s royal New York Fashion Show is inspired by a princess
  97. 16/02/2016Taylor Swift at the double with Best Album Grammy Award
  98. 16/02/2016Fenty Puma by Rihanna prowls the NYC catwalk
  99. 15/02/2016BCBG Max Azria collection inspired by David Bowie through the ages
  100. 12/02/2016Madame X on stage in Strapless, Royal Ballet production inspired by a scandalous painting
  101. 11/02/2016Vogue celebrates its 100th birthday in style at London’s National Portrait Gallery
  102. 11/02/2016Leonardo Da Vinci – the imagination and inventions of a genius
  103. 10/02/2016New York Fashion Week sees bloggers step to the fore
  104. 10/02/2016Jimi Hendrix’s London flat opens to the public
  105. 09/02/2016Ukrainian talent sparkles in Fashion Days Kiev
  106. 09/02/2016Frontman Urie shines in new release from Panic! at the Disco
  107. 05/02/2016Russia’s Pussy Riot mocks prosecutor general Yury Chaika in new video
  108. 04/02/2016Maverick fashion designer John Varvatos: ‘Is rock dead?‘
  109. 04/02/2016Rachel Platten takes ‘Wildfire’ on tour
  110. 03/02/2016Jonathan Yeo adopts actress Cara Delevingne for new exhibition
  111. 03/02/2016Coldplay in hot water for using Indian culture in video
  112. 02/02/2016New York: Fashion for Men
  113. 01/02/2016Pamuk’s Musuem of Innocence opens in London
  114. 29/01/2016An old hymn book inspired the title for indie rock band Bloc Party’s new album
  115. 29/01/2016A life-sized Sylvester Stallone in latex
  116. 28/01/2016Carnival in Venice brings out masks and elaborate costumes to the squares of the canal city
  117. 28/01/2016Karl Lagerfeld gets close to nature for Paris Fashion Week
  118. 27/01/2016Haute Couture on show during Paris Fashion Week
  119. 27/01/2016Auschwitz survivor Eva Fahidi captivates audiences with her life story in dance
  120. 26/01/2016German Chancellor Angela Merkel opens Holocaust exhibition in Berlin
  121. 25/01/2016The Nutcracker with a modern twist by the Royal Ballet of Flanders
  122. 25/01/2016Sting and Peter Gabriel launch headline North American tour
  123. 22/01/2016Supersize clothing hits Paris catwalk
  124. 21/01/2016Baroque instruments: an authentic sound at Valletta Festival
  125. 21/01/2016Homes are smart and green at Cologne Furniture Fair
  126. 20/01/2016Milan Fashion Week goes back to the future
  127. 20/01/2016Sicily meets Wild West at Milan Fashion Week
  128. 19/01/2016Valletta festival in Malta: Baroque is in
  129. 18/01/2016The perfect blend of Spanish and Arabic music
  130. 18/01/2016Adele leads Brit Awards nominations
  131. 15/01/ ‘Education is the best gun control’
  132. 15/01/2016Leibovitz women’s portraits to tour the world
  133. 14/01/2016What Berlin did for Bowie
  134. 13/01/2016Bolivian art on a concrete canvas
  135. 13/01/2016Exhibition traces of the life of an American icon: Frank Sinatra
  136. 12/01/2016Homage to David Bowie at men’s fashion week in London
  137. 11/01/2016Bowie bows out with Blackstar shining
  138. 08/01/2016Blackstar: David Bowie’s last hurrah
  139. 08/01/2016Elvis alive and well in Parkes, Australia
  140. 07/01/2016Ice sculpture show draws thousands near Berlin
  141. 07/01/2016French comics festival marred by sexist row
  142. 07/01/2016Mumbai dance group fights for transgender rights
  143. 06/01/2016Adele: Queen of the charts
  144. 06/01/2016Celtic queen Enya launches new album
  145. 05/01/2016New York duo Beau to release debut album
  146. 05/01/2016The Corrs return after 10-year break
  147. 05/01/2016Mesmerizing Big Data on show in London
  148. 04/01/2016Thirty years of Anselm Kiefer at Paris’ Pompidou
  149. 18/12/2015Morocco celebrates a new generation of filmmakers
  150. 18/12/2015Berlin museum pays tribute to German master Adolph Menzel
  151. 17/12/2015A hermit’s life: Tokyo artist creates bespoke shells for living crabs
  152. 16/12/2015Cirque to Soleil brings ‘Cabinet’ of mystery and transformation to LA
  153. 15/12/2015Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘School of Rock’ opens on Broadway
  154. 14/12/2015Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya claims ‘Grand Prize’ at the Marrakech film festival
  155. 10/12/2015Canadian cinema honored at Marrakech festival
  156. 09/12/2015Fame and fashion at Berlin’s Museum of Photography
  157. 08/12/2015Tracy Chapman’s Greatest Hits revives the classics
  158. 07/12/2015Bill Murray makes waves at Marrakech film festival
  159. 07/12/2015Mini World Lyon
  160. 04/12/2015Art for the homeless in Boston
  161. 04/12/2015“A Head Full of Dreams” Coldplay’s seventh studio album
  162. 04/12/2015On the catwalk in Karachi and with Chanel in the Cinecitta film studios
  163. 03/12/2015“Istanbul Sessions” at “Visa for Music” in Rabat
  164. 03/12/2015Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ tour in London’s O2 Arena
  165. 02/12/2015The Gangnam Style star is back with his seventh album
  166. 01/12/2015Fleur East gets Saxy with her debut album
  167. 30/11/2015Darwin Deez back with sunny-side-up album
  168. 27/11/2015Visa For Music rocks Rabat
  169. 27/11/2015The Wainwright sisters sing El Condor Pasa
  170. 26/11/2015Sara Bareilles is back with a new album