Getting married abroad? These are the top destinations for couples

Are you dreaming of a beach wedding?
Are you dreaming of a beach wedding? Copyright Arshad Pooloo / Unsplash
By Sarah Palmer
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Want to get married abroad but not sure where? We’ve got you covered.


Getting married abroad has never been so appealing. Now that both travel and weddings are possible again, couples planning their long-awaited day are ready to go all out.

In a new study by which uses data from image-sharing platform Pinterest - a go-to for many people planning their big day - the top trending destinations have been unveiled. Here’s a definitive guide.

20. Wales

The mountainous, coastal country of Wales in the UK’s west just makes it into the top 20 wedding destinations. While good weather isn’t guaranteed, the dramatic landscape and selection of stunning venues mean you’re sure to create incredible memories.

19. Bahamas

It’s no surprise to see the colourful, sun-soaked Bahamas make the list. This archipelago is ideal for a beach-based wedding.

Adam Gonazales / Unsplash
The Bahamas is the perfect place for a beach weddingAdam Gonazales / Unsplash

18. United States

In the States, California takes the top spot, with Colorado and Florida monopolising silver and bronze - followed by Hawaii and Virginia. To save on another long-haul flight, why not plan an all-American honeymoon?

17. Portugal

Cultured Portugal is a hub for foodies and lovers of architecture. This small but mighty country is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful coastline, and cities like Lisbon and Porto make for a great weekend.

16. Spain

Neighbouring Spain is also a popular wedding destination. This diverse country has everything from rugged countryside to glamorous city skylines, pretty playas and the Pyrenees for mountain lovers.

15. Thailand

With a wealth of beaches and beautiful temples, Thailand is the perfect wedding location for adventurous couples, also known for watersports and exploring the islands by boat. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing food.

Alin Meceanu / Unsplash
Can you picture yourself getting married against a Thailand sunset?Alin Meceanu / Unsplash

14. Scotland

We’ve all seen incredible wedding shots from the Scottish Highlands and Lochs. The northernmost part of the UK was practically made for capturing unforgettable occasions. Scotland’s rich history and unique culture make it a special corner of the world for romantic getaways.

13. Ibiza

If you’re the 24-hour party person type, Ibiza’s notorious nightlife and guaranteed good weather makes it the perfect wedding destination.

12. England

England’s range of characterful counties means lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding locations. From the rolling Yorkshire Dales to the quiet Cotswolds, there’s something for everyone.

11. Canada

Pack your layers and prepare for a white wedding in Canada. Snowy mountainscapes and the country’s sheer vastness will leave couples and their guests in awe. Plus the potato-ful national dish, poutine, is the perfect carb-fest for any bad heads the next day.

John Lee / Unsplash
Canada is home to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the worldJohn Lee / Unsplash

10. Fiji

White-sand beaches lined with palm trees, stunning coral reefs and crystal clear lagoons. What more could you want?

9. New Zealand

New Zealand makes the list for its picturesque landscape and chilled vibes. One for rugby fans or Lord of the Rings geeks.

8. Australia

Nearby Australia has ranked, too. A country of natural wonders, bustling cities and endless summers, it’s no wonder this is a popular choice.

7. Ireland

Ireland is the ideal spot for lovers of the outdoors who like to finish off a day of adventures with a hand-poured pint in a cosy country pub. It’s also known for the luck of the land, so we’re optimistic that couples who tie the knot here will have a long and happy marriage.

Henrique Craveiro / Unsplash
Ireland has some of the UK's most stunning coastlineHenrique Craveiro / Unsplash

6. Bali

If you’re into yoga, a tranquil tropical climate and nature, Bali is the wedding destination for you. Imagine waking up on your wedding day and seeing in the sunrise from ‘Warrior I’. Bliss.

5. Mexico

Tequila, tacos and tortillas. Your wedding guests are in for a foodie treat if you choose Mexico for your marriage. This colourful country is a cultural delight, and in the summer you can expect some high temperatures.


4. Italy

Surely one of the most romantic countries in the world, channel some Italian passion with a wedding in Europe’s food and history capital. Rome, Florence, Sicily, Verona, Venice - we can’t even begin to list the locations literally made for love.

Anders Jilden / Unsplash
Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the worldAnders Jilden / Unsplash

3. France

If Italy is home to the architecture of love, France is home to the language of love. Paris is, of course, widely recognised as the most romantic city in the world. Plus, the wine is some of Europe’s finest, so wedding guests are in for a real treat.

2. Greece

Greece’s whitewashed coast,stunning sunsets and balmy heat make it a heady escape for those in love. Think the hilltop church in ‘Mamma Mia’. That could be you.

1. Morocco

Zakarie Daouri / Unsplash
Morocco is a colourful country perfect for weddingsZakarie Daouri / Unsplash

Morocco is top of the list when it comes to most sought-after wedding destinations - and it’s no wonder. The country’s vibrant culture comes through in the bright, layered towns and villages, tasty food scene and heat.

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