US election: EU calls for calm, as Trump and Biden battle it out

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By Christopher Pitchers
US election: EU calls for calm, as Trump and Biden battle it out
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The EU has called for calm and patience, amid a tightly contested US presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Speaking in Brussels, the Commission's chief spokesperson, Eric Mamer, told journalists the process of counting ballots is "ongoing".

"We would recommend to everyone that they follow what’s happening in the US. A process is ongoing there, which is well organised for the purpose of counting the votes in elections and our expectation is the authorities responsible for the process being carried out in the United States should announce the results," Mamer said.

"The comments made so far are the responsibility of each person concerned. As far as we are concerned, we will abide by whatever announcement comes officially from the relevant US authorities and we believe everyone else should do the same," he added.

For others the concern was more urgent, Germany’s defence minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, described the situation as "very explosive" and expressed concern that the country could descend into a "constitutional crisis".

The former Belgium Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadht, argued the election proved Europe had to take its destiny into its own hands.

As the votes have continued to be counted, in another close and divisive vote, all Europe has been able to do is watch and wait.

But not all leaders held back, with the Slovenia Prime Minister tweeting that it was pretty clear the America people had elected Donald Trump, blaming delays on the so-called mainstream media.

Whether it takes, hours, days or weeks though, in the end, there will be a winner. A winner, whoever it is, that Europe will have to work with.