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The Brexit 'roller coaster' - a British trucker's journey

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By Damon Embling
The Brexit 'roller coaster' - a British trucker's journey

There are fears that there could be gridlock on both sides of the English Channel, if Brexit brings a new wave of border checks.

Dover, on the UK side, is one of Europe's busiest ports. More than four million trucks went through there and the Channel Tunnel last year alone. Carrying billions of euros of goods.

Trucker's dilemma

It’s a nightmare scenario for truck driver Gary Young, who frequently heads across the Channel, transporting car parts. 

"We suffer with delays now over certain things but I think it's going to be a lot harder as far as Brexit is concerned. What are we going to do with all the crossings, I don't think any of it has been thought out very well or very clearly to be honest with you," said Gary, who works for Alcaline UK. 

As Gary sets off for Calais, in the company’s control centre, the pro-Brexit boss is keeping track of his fleet of trucks across Europe.

Asked whether he stands by Brexit, Lorenzo Zaccheo responds: "Of course I am. To ourselves it's not going to make any difference at all. I'm pretty sure in the beginning it will be painful maybe, but it will be beneficial later on."

A 'roller coaster ride'

As Gary arrives at the Channel Tunnel, he reflects: "I'd like to see us get a good deal. But that remains to be seen with Brussels and one thing and another. I'd like to see us stand on our own two feet and see what happens. I think at the moment it's a bit of a roller coaster ride for every body."

Although the train crossing itself is just 35 mins, it takes Gary almost three hours to get through the UK terminal and into France on this occasion. A long journey which may get even longer after Brexit.