Anti-government protest in Hungary draws thousands

Anti-government protest in Hungary draws thousands
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By Cristina Abellan MatamorosAndrea Hajagos
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Thousands of Hungarians — the majority from younger generations — gathered in central Budapest to protest against what they consider an "unfair election system" that gave Viktor Orban a landslide victory in last Sunday's elections.


Thousands gathered outside the Opera House in central Budapest to protest against what the organisers of the event see as “an unfair election system that gave Prime Minister Vicktor Orban a landslide victory after a ‘hate campaign’ against immigrants.”

In a Facebook post, organisers invited people “who would like a free Hungary and who want hate-free politics” to attend, mainly drawing younger generations.

A subsequent post demanded a recount of the votes in last week’s election, independent public media, a new election law, and more co-operation between the opposition.

In their post, the rally’s organizers said: “Fidesz’s election system and the government’s hate campaign have pushed the majority into a one-third (parliamentary) minority.”

The protesters marched towards the Hungarian parliament chanting “we are the majority.”

In last Sunday’s elections, Orban won a third straight term, granting his Fidesz party two-thirds of seats in parliament.

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