Maduro's power test as Venezuela votes

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By Euronews
Maduro's power test as Venezuela votes

Venezuela go to the polls in the first elections since the fraudulent vote of the constituent assembly which was used by President Maduro to reform the Constitution in his own interest.

Father Arturo Peraza is one of the most respected analysts in Venezuela. He met with Euronews in Caracas to explain what it is at stake

“We have seen an extremely high tension and social confrontation during the first half of 2017. Therefore I believe that even with this delay, because this election should have been held in October 2016, it’s a good thing and could help to ease the tension in order to find democratic and pacific solutions to the crisis we are in”

Opposition leaders have already claimed irregularities in the election process, including relocating 300 polling stations less than 72 hours before the election. They said the stations had been moved to areas which are difficult to access in a move aimed at taking votes away from opposition candidates

If the opposition does triumph though, Maduro’s government can still limit their impact by restricting funding and taking authority away from the governors’ offices, as it has done in previous elections.