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'Donald Trump a celebrity who popped up onto the political scene'

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By Euronews
'Donald Trump a celebrity who popped up onto the political scene'

Euronews Washington correspondent, Stefan Grobe, having witnessed the Republican convention, spoke to Chris Cummins about the race for the White House as Democrats begin to arrive in Philadelphia.

Chris Cummins:
“Despite Republican divisions
the campaign for the White House is now on for Donald Trump and that means he needs votes. How will he expand his support base beyond the disaffected white, working class voter?”

Stefan Grobe:
“The fact of the matter is he’s not expanding his voter base, he’s rather shrinking it.
If you look at the convention he was throwing a lot of red meat to the Republican base and what he was doing was basically turning 100 percent Republicans into 150 percent Republicans that will not really help him.

Also he has the support of Republicans right now, according to polls, the support of 70 to 75 percent, he should be much higher, he should be in the mid-nineties.

Mitt Romney had 93% going out of the convention four-years ago and Mitt Romney pulled all the strings, he ran the table among white voters, but this year is different because the white Christian Electorate, traditionally the Republican base, is shrinking and Donald Trump is just Donald Trump, he’s a celebrity who popped up onto the political scene by saying Republican leaders are stupid they are corrupt, I’m not stupid, I’m not corrupt vote for me.
That will not necessarily help him if you look at the support among minorities, especially the Latino Community, the only electoral group that is expanding, considerably expanding, if you have four out of five Latinos who say they’re not going to vote for Donald Trump he will have a very, very steep uphill battle to fight if he keeps making these inflammatory remarks basically alienating not only Latinos, but also African Americans, women in particular, the LGBT community, Muslims and I could go on and on and on.”

Chris Cummins:
“We know what Trump thinks of Clinton with his crooked Hilliary jibes, but the sheer hatred directed by Republicans at the former First Lady is striking in its ferocity.Why do you think that is?”

Stefan Grobe:
“Republicans hate Clinton, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, because they were never able to defeat him. Bill Clinton survived a lot of scandals, some of them serious others made up and Republicans never really got a handle on Bill Clinton, how to deal with him and they believed from day one that Clinton took the presidency away that was rightfully theirs.

So, if like Trump and other Republican candidates do, base their campaign on the hope that anti-Clinton hatred will carry the day, I think they’re going to be mistaken.”

Chris Cummins:
“Turning to the Democrats as they prepare for their convention in Philadelphia.What tactics will they adopt to halt the populist Trump juggernaut?”

Stefan Grobe:
“I think the Clinton campaign will try to it play very, very safe there is no reason to panic right now she is ahead in the polls at this point and over the last few months and if polling history is any guidance we’ve seen that people form their opinion in the middle of the summer between May and July and she has been consistently in the lead by, you know, sometimes substantial margins.

She has more money, she has the superior, far superior ground game and infrastructure, which Trump is lacking and of course she has the electoral map that is in her favour.

Unless Clinton makes a major mistake, an earthquake type of mistake and I don’t see that happening, she should have it safely in the bag, Chris.”

Chris Cummins:
“We will watch events with interest.
Stefan Grobe in Washington DC thank you very much for joining us.”