Brexit: a nation divided

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By Euronews
Brexit: a nation divided

In or out of Europe – the battle for Britain’s future in the European Union remains on a knife edge.

Polls have consistently shown the nation remains almost perfectly split between those wishing to stay in the heart of Europe and those determined to break free from Brussels.

The referendum ballot paper asks voters the following question: ‘‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’‘

In London, some voters in London, shared there views on the vote.

“I think it’s a very complex issue and I don’t think we’ve enough time to explore it in detail so I don’t think it’s particularly evidence-based, I think it’s a lot more emotive which is always going to be difficult,” Kristy Duane, a lawyer, said.

‘‘I think there are a lot of benefits of being in the European Union and I think in order to make decisions alongside other countries we need to be sitting around the same table,” said Victoria Walvis, a teacher.

“I feel that there is a lack of democracy in the European Union and the decisions are taken at a level that is too far away from the ordinary members of the Union, so that is why I voted to leave,” said voter Alice Carse.

A record 46.5 million people are eligible to take part in the historic vote, only third nationwide referendum of its kind in the UK.