"We'll give you 1966 - just don't vote Leave"

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By Catherine Hardy
"We'll give you 1966 - just don't vote Leave"

Going Deutsch

BrilliantfromBild: If Britainstays, wewillacknowledgethe Wembley goal. pic.twitter.com/OWqrj91YI2

— StigAbell (@StigAbell) June 22, 2016

The German tabloid Bild is promising to finally acknowledge that Sir Geoff Hurst’s decisive goal in the 1966 World Cup Final really did cross the line – if the UK votes to stay.

The extra-time goal gave England a 3-2 lead, making them World Cup winners when the whistle finally blew.

The good-natured attempt by the German press to get the UK not to vote leave also includes a promise not to hog hotel sun loungers.

#Brexit: It's smarterto stayhttps://t.co/celEeQw4GP via DerSPIEGEL</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/Brinkbaeumer">BrinkbaeumerFAHarms</a></p>&mdash; SPIEGEL English (SPIEGEL_English) June23, 2016

Rene Pfister is from Der Spiegel:

“If the UK really decides to leave the EU, then I think Merkel would take a lead in the movement that on the one hand regrets the Brexit, but on the other says this will not signal the end of the EU and they would keep on fighting for union in Europe.”

“This movement would say the consequences of a Brexit would be as few as possible. The strategy would be to reassure everyone.”

The French connection

In Paris, the mood is more serious.

People here as divided over the issue as their neighbours in the UK.

French newspapers have covered their front pages with Brexit-themed pictures and headlines.

Wellthat's a terrifyingsplashfromLiberation: pic.twitter.com/QXvJAVvf8l

— Marie Le Conte (@youngvulgarian) June23, 2016

President Francois Hollande warned on Wednesday that leaving would be an irreversible decision that would seriously jeopardise UK access to the single market.

When will we know the result?

A sample poll will be published at 10pm UK time when the polls close.

The majority of results are expected to come in overnight with a clear “Leave” or “Remain” decision first thing on Friday morning.

What the UK papers say

What the people say

“I am fairly confident we will stay but it is a worry that we might leave because I feel like there will be repercussions. Either way, its not a huge benefit for anyone, it is still a bad situation but I think we are better off if we stay,” – Rhys, a British national in Paris.

“There are pros and cons. I think the United Kingdom has always taken advantage of the EU so may it is not such a bad thing if they leave. On the other hand, they are still part of Europe and if even the Americans are advising them to remain in Europe, it is maybe better for them because it (Brexit) is a long-term decision, it is a crucial choice,” – Guy, French national in Paris.