Drone does the shopping in Ankara

Drone does the shopping in Ankara
By Euronews
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Bored of nipping out to the shops but can’t be bothered to wait for home delivery?

Two Turkish men have found the perfect answer – get a drone to do it for you.

Faris Kaki and Himmet Polat can buy cigarettes and snacks from the comfort of their fourth floor apartment in Ankara using a radio controlled drone which they send down to the local grocery store.

They told euronews that they have been inspired by media coverage of their unusual shopping technique to invest in five more drones and launch their own delivery network.

“I have worked in the media industry more than 30 years and I have never seen such interest. The power of social media is extraordinary. We just shared a video and now many media companies from the US are calling us,” Kaki said.

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