Learning as easy as A, B, free

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By Euronews
Learning as easy as A, B, free

From e-books to crowd sourcing information, education is seeing one of the biggest shake-ups since the advent of the printing press. Open sources of knowledge are opening doors to education all over the world. This week we visited the UK, Greece, Egypt and America to see how different projects aim to open up the world of knowledge.

In a high tech world, what is more practical – buying a book, going to a library, or simply browsing online to get the information you need without paying a penny? What about if all the academic books you needed were also just one click away? Academics in Cambridge have launched Open Book to make the top academic texts available for free and since the economic crisis they’re finding huge success in Greece.

In Egypt some university students are taking part in the Wikipedia Education Program where they are learning how to use and contribute to the Arabic edition of the world’s biggest free online encyclopaedia and also fighting gender bias into the bargain.

Gamers turn into neuroscientists in the US with Eyewire, a crowd sourcing game created by scientists at MIT in Boston. By connecting online, players are not just enjoying themselves but they are contributing to a scientific discovery, helping MIT scientists to understand how the brain sees movement.