Parisians react to the deadly attack in their city

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By Euronews
Parisians react to the deadly attack in their city

It is a day which will be etched deep in the memory of Parisians. The values which they hold dear have been defiled and the city as one was in a state of shock.

The capital had been on alert, there had been warnings but nothing could have prepared the people for this.

“It’s too much, it’s barbaric, not good. These were innocent people and I find that unacceptable,” said one man.

“How is it possible that his could happen because of stories about religion? We are all human beings after all, it’s incomprehensible,” said another resident.

“This kind of attack is cowardly. There is no explanation for the way in which they are fighting for their cause,” added one man.

“I condemn this attack. In the Koran God says that those who do not attack you, you must treat well and you must treat with respect,” concluded a shopper.

Paris is known across the world as The City of Light. The slaughter in the French capital has left a terrible shadow over it.

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