Memories, dreams and reflections of schooldays

Memories, dreams and reflections of schooldays
By Euronews
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We all have memories of school, good and bad. For the lucky ones school provides a solid foundation for individuals to go on and build successful and hopefully happy lives.

Learning World spoke to a number of influential people working in different spheres and collected their memories of education.

Basketball player Tony Parker @tonyparker: “Children have different questions and need different advice, they have dreams, but they must work hard, because success doesn’t come overnight.”

Rob Wainwright is Director of Europol: “I grew up in Wales and spent a lot of time at my grandfather’s. He was a librarian for 40 years and had thousands of books in his house and that was where I learned to love literature.”

Nobel Prize winning novelist Shirin Ebadi: “I learned equal rights from my father. I was born and brought up in a Muslim family and was educated by the Zoroastrians.”

Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister: “Teaching is an incredibly important profession, a teacher can change a life and transform a young person’s attitude to life.”

**Gustavo Dudamel, orchestra conductor:**“You know I learned a lot from teaching children, because when you work with children they don’t have a conception or preconception of things. So it is amazing to create something for them.”

And how about you? What were your memories of education? Why not share your experiences with us on our social media pages.

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