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European Parliament’s Martin Schulz says cuts not enough for Greece

02/03 18:44 CET

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  122. 19/06/2012António Guterres: “we’re witnessing human suffering on an epic scale”
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  131. 16/05/2012Timofti denies Russian radar plans for Moldovan border
  132. 15/05/2012Rehn: ‘Greece will be in the euro next year’
  133. 12/05/2012No dictatorship in Ukraine says prime minister
  134. 11/05/2012Egyptian Presidential hopeful outlines his policies
  135. 10/05/2012Hamas leader on Syria and the EU
  136. 04/05/2012Keeping the peace in Lebanon
  137. 01/05/2012Michel Barnier: Banks should pay for banks
  138. 25/04/2012Tariq al-Hashimi, Iraqi Vice-President: ‘Iran is behind sectarian strife’
  139. 21/04/2012Michelle Bachelet: ‘Women are peacemakers’
  140. 20/04/2012Marek Halter: you don’t get democracy through the barrel of a gun
  141. 12/04/2012D’Alema: Merkel represents a ‘selfish Europe’
  142. 02/04/2012Turks have right to free movement in EU – Turkish FM
  143. 30/03/2012President Emomali Rahmon: There is no short-cut to democracy
  144. 28/03/2012“Cities play an important role for growth”
  145. 27/03/2012Senegal’s President Macky Sall gives first interview
  146. 22/03/2012Martin Schulz: ‘Different cultures are Europe’s great heritage’
  147. 15/03/2012Palestinian PM Fayyad on water and Israel
  148. 13/03/2012Larijani on Iran’s new democracy
  149. 08/03/2012Gorbachev reflects on course of modern Russia
  150. 08/03/2012Gorbachev urges Putin to usher in reforms
  151. 27/02/2012Mikhail Prokhorov: ‘This campaign could reveal some serious surprises’.
  152. 10/02/2012Egemen Bağış: ‘The EU must accept Turkey’
  153. 07/02/2012Tunisia’s Marzouki: ‘We want no Baath flag over our country’
  154. 03/02/2012Former Obama advisor talks of possible military action in Iran
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  163. 14/12/2011UNESCO: ‘There are those that praise us, those that accuse us’
  164. 10/12/2011Monti: ‘not the birth of a 2-speed Europe’
  165. 07/12/2011Nobel laureate says euro zone ‘on edge of meltdown’
  166. 05/12/2011Habiba Sarabi: ‘Violence against women still a problem in Afghanistan’