Future strategist John Sanei: "certainty is not a luxury we have anymore"

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By Euronews
Future strategist John Sanei: "certainty is not a luxury we have anymore"
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Future strategist and bestselling author John Sanei says that society should ‘prepare for all eventualities’ when contemplating the future despite adding that there is no way to actually future-proof the future.

The only thing we can manage is our behaviour and if we are creating an adaptable behaviour towards the future, then it really doesn't matter what the future brings us. And so there is no certainty anymore,” he told Euronews. 

John was speaking at the first edition of the Dubai Future Forum at the Museum of the Future in the emirate. He said, “It's incredible to get 400 of the top futurists in the world under one umbrella and for us to be discussing the same challenges that we face and learning from each other, which I really don't think has been done that often… to be able to share the lessons from them makes us all better and more whole and ready to help the world get prepared for the future.”

His latest book is titled ‘Who Do We Become?’ and questions ‘on what do we place value?’ In answering his own question he said, “I think for me, placing value on peace and harmony and symbiosis becomes so very important. And within that, you find a lot of wealth. And I think the way for us to think about wealth for the future is to spell it w e l l t h.’

Looking towards the future and 2023 in particular he says, “What we have to realise is that for anything new to be birthed, we have to see the implosion of the old, adding, I always tell my audiences, if you wake up every morning knowing that the world needs to crumble in order for a new one to arrive, you become stronger and more resilient in this process.”