Japan ship rescue

Japanese coastguard rescues second survivor from capsized cattle ship

Japan’s coast guard rescued a second survivor on Friday after a ship carrying thousands of cows from New Zealand sunk during stormy weather, officials said.

Hours earlier, an unconscious crew member was also recovered but later died.

The survivor, Jay-nel Rosals, a Filipino deckhand, was wearing a life jacket and floating in a raft north of Amami Oshima island in the East China Sea, where rescuers have been searching for the Gulf Livestock 1 ship and its missing crew since it sent a distress signal early Wednesday.

Takahiro Yamada, a spokesman for the regional coast guard headquarters, said rescuers also spotted dozens of cow carcasses floating in the area.

Another Filipino crew member, Chief Officer Edvardo Sareno, was rescued late Wednesday.

Coast guard video showed rescuers carefully manoeuvring their boat in choppy waters to pluck Sareno from the water.

He told them the ship stalled when an engine stopped, then capsized after being hit broadside by a powerful wave, and sank.

The Gulf Livestock 1, which was carrying 6,000 cows, issued a distress call early Wednesday as Typhoon Maysak passed through the area, setting off a desperate search for the 43 crew on board.