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Heartbreak Hotel: This three day retreat is helping women to heal from bad breakups

The Heartbreak Hotel is aimed at women looking to heal from a bad breakup.
The Heartbreak Hotel is aimed at women looking to heal from a bad breakup. Copyright Pexels
Copyright Pexels
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The retreat also claims it can help you spot narcissists and avoid them forever.


For most people, a breakup means trashy TV, far too much chocolate and lengthy phone calls with your closest friends. But if you’ve recently had your heart broken, then this new hotel in Norfolk, UK could be an alternative.

The Heartbreak Hotel opened at the end of 2021 and caters to women looking to heal from a recent breakup. During a three-day stay, you’ll take part in a mix of rest, relaxation and yoga in beautiful surroundings. Plus a healthy dose of group therapy.

This ‘transformational therapy’ retreat is run by psychologist Alice Haddon and life coach Ruth Field. It aims to help women quickly move on from their exes in a healthy way.

You’ll get some tips on how to avoid toxic relationships in the future too. As part of group sessions you and up to seven other women will “learn your attachment style, rescript the relationship narratives that have kept you caged and learn how to break free from them,” the hotel’s website claims.

It also promises to help you “spot the narcissists and avoid them forever.”

Each stay is supposedly the equivalent of six months of weekly therapy, aiming to fast track your recovery from heartbreak and trauma.

“If you’ve been cheated on and don’t know where to turn, if your relationship has crumbled, if you’re in pain and feeling hurt, please reach out to us, we are here to help,” creators Alice and Ruth say on their Instagram page.

The Heartbreak Hotel is tech and alcohol-free

During the stay, you can also enjoy walks on some of Norfolk’s best sandy beaches, savour seasonal meals and join in with fireside chats.

But there are a few things you’ll have to leave behind if you choose this retreat as a way to heal from heartbreak. The three-day stay is also meant as a tech detox so you’ll have to leave your phone and laptop at the door to be “fully present to yourself.”

There’s no alcohol either with only mocktails served as part of the menu.

“If you have a complicated relationship with alcohol this is not the weekend for you,” The Heartbreak Hotel website reads.

“Like tech we believe numbing our feelings [with drink] is in conflict with learning what they are and how to manage them.”

It doesn’t come cheap at a cost of £2,250 (€2,664) for the three-day stay. But its creators say it is a “therapeutic bargain” at around the same price as the average fee for six months of therapy.

Anyone hoping to attend will also have to fill in a short application form so the hotel can get in touch to work out if the retreat is a good fit for you.

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