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Mickey’s Dining Car: making 'America's best milkshakes' since 1939

Mickey’s Dining Car: making 'America's best milkshakes' since 1939
By Euronews

French singer-songwriter Laetitia Shériff has been travelling across the USA to discover the country’s rich music history. Every stop along the way boasted its own gem, but Laetitia was especially excited about visiting Minnesota's Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St Paul.

The city has a proud history of producing noted musicians, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest: Prince. Laetitia visited Paisley Park in Minneapolis, the pop legend's home and recording complex. After hearing about his love for pancakes, there was only one place to go next: Mickey’s Diner in neighbouring St Paul.

A typical Art Deco-styled American diner, Mickey’s prides itself on serving "the best pancakes in town and the best milkshakes in the country". The restaurant is a regular feature in food magazines and programmes, and played  a supporting role in Hollywood hits Mighty Ducks and Jingle All The Way.

Mickey’s,a  family business, was designed to emulate the railroad dining cars of the period. Owner Eric Mattson said: "What you see here is just about exactly what you would have seen in the 1940s, nothing has changed."

The restaurant was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, and Mattson jokes: “It’s the same refrigerator that was there in 1939."