Former refugee urges 'more positive debate' on immigration

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By Euronews
Former refugee urges 'more positive debate' on immigration

Migration has long been a political hot potato.

It’s a debate which clouds many European and national elections.

There’s been a lot of talk about an EU proposal to resettle refugees across Europe.

Activists say the tone has been far too negative.

“Migrants are being painted to nationals as a burden to europe’s already failing social security systems. And that obviously would annoy a national who has paid taxes obviously all their lives,” said Farah Abdi Abdullahi, a former refugee who lives in Malta.

“That was a point that i was willing to fight and it’s a driver of actually what facilitates me, what drives me to raise to success and to dream big and to do what i do today.”

For one NGO working with refugees and migrants, more emphasis should be put on the positive contribution that such people can make.

“We should combat that by strong political and awareness campaigns, to give the floor to youth migrants and to govern them the possibility to bring something positive to Europe and societies,” said Salvatore Prata of Terres des Hommes International Federation

There’s been an increase in migrants attempting to reach Europe’s shores in recent months.

The UN says 60,000 have already tried to cross the Mediterranean since the start of the year.