The migrants tragedy in the Mediterranean sparks creative satirical response

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By Euronews
The migrants tragedy in the Mediterranean sparks creative satirical response

The magnitude of the latest migrant tragedies in the Mediterranean has prompted a global reaction.

Cartoonists and NGOs have published powerful images to denounce the lack of action of the EU authorities.

Here is a round-up of some of the best.

Amnesty International

The NGO, under the campaign FortressEurope, has published a powerful video to ask EU leaders to find more money to save migrants lives, instead of just patrolling.

Our governments are spending money patrolling borders when they could be saving refugees and migrants’ lives. EU leaders have power to change this. Make them care:

Posted by Amnesty International on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Also they’ve shared this picture of an SOS action.

French cartoonist Plantu in Le Monde

The cartoon reads: “Another desecrated cemetery in the Mediterranean (400 dead)”.

The boat’s name is “The Indifference” and on the life ring is written: “We don’t give a damn”.

UK. The Times’ Peter Brookes

This one doesn’t need any explanation, like any good cartoon.

Italy: emotional tribute by Rai TV

National broadcaster Rai created an emotional tribute picturing a mother and her son crossing the Mediterranean. The conclusion says: “It’s useless bombing boats, blocking the sea and the concentration camps in Libya”.

Spain: the EU is on holiday

El Mundo’s newspaper cartoonist Ricardo says, in a striking image, that the European Union seems not be doing enough.

Leaders crossing the Mediterranean themselves

The image has quickly become viral. It’s a montage of the world leaders during the Charlie Hebdo march.

Cartoon movement

The cartoonist publishing platform shared several striking images too on the migrants issue.

South Africa. Brandan E. Reynolds

This a cartoonist who appears in various South African media.

On the cannonballs is written: “Boko”, “War”, “Poverty”, “Oppression”, “Al Shabab”…