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8 home tech gadgets that will make your pad more eco-friendly

8 home tech gadgets that will make your pad more eco-friendly
Copyright Bio Bidet
Copyright Bio Bidet
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There's something for all budgets on this list of green household technology.


People across the globe have resolved to make 2020 the year when we take the fight against climate change to the next level. Some have amended their diets, others have ditched their cars in favour of public transport or pedal power.

But for many of us, a big part of our environmental footprint stems from our home. So we set out to find some of the coolest gadgetry that will make your home a greener place to live.

Shower timer

A lot of water is wasted in the bathroom. So why not consider a time to limit your time in the shower. Or, if long hot showers sound like a luxury you're not willing to forgo on cold winter mornings, maybe a water saving shower head is for you. The shower heads conserve water by filtering the stream through finer nozzles, meaning more pressure but less water overall.

This one even uses mineral filters to lower the chlorine content in your water.

Find a shower timer here.


Not only is the Egloo an adorable decorative touch to your home, the ceramic candle holder acts as a miniature space heater, claiming to heat a room by up to 10 degrees. The pot features three candle wicks, which are encased in two layers of terracotta and a stream of water to warm and humidify your living space.

Find one to fit your colour scheme.

Micro wind turbine


Home wind turbines can the cut your house's reduction on grid energy, saving you money as well as saving the environment. Some kits, like this one by Phaesun, come complete with solar panels so you can maximise the sun during summer and the windier weather during cold months with less sunlight.

Hot Bin Composting

The green-fingered among us are probably already saving our kitchen scraps for composting and use in gardening. The Hot Bin takes the composting process and shortens it from months and years to days and weeks. Whereas traditional composters might take three months to two years for the product to break down, the Hot Bin Composter promises to do it in 30-90 days.

Get gardening here.

Bio Bidet

Bio Bidet

The smart sensors in this loo can sense exactly how much, ahem, business you do in them, and use the appropriate amount of water to flush. This pinnacle of bathroom technology also offers automated lid raising and lowering, alongside bidet and air dryer functions. Breezy.

Get one here.

H2O clock

Add a touch of retro to your home with this water-powered clock. A range of clocks made without traditional batteries are available. All the power they require can be harvested by filling up the tank with water once every three to four months.

Available here.

WiFi plug

Never forget to turn off an appliance again with these smart plugs. By connecting to your home's wifi, they are able to turn on and turn off electrics in the household at the tap of an app.

Get one here.


Caia 2.0, our new and improved design boasts a wider range of angles to redirect sunlight, metal instead of plastic...

Publiée par Caia by Solenica sur Jeudi 15 juin 2017

This robot mirror uses AI to maximise light in your home, without using lightbulbs. Caia adapts to the best position to harvest sunlight and reflects it into rooms. The project is funding on Indiegogo, and in the production stage of its second generation of mirrors.

Find out more here.

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