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Activists are raising funds to save Danish wooden boats

Activists are raising funds to save Danish wooden boats
By Denis Loctier
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Small, traditional boats have been essential to Danish fishermen for generations, but their future looks increasingly bleak. Meet the fishermen fighting to preserve the tradition and learn what makes these boats special, in this 360° video.

For many ages, Danish fishermen have been using clinker-built oaken boats, lightweight and flexible enough to land directly on sand beaches. This traditional way of coastal fishing is considered more friendly to the marine environment than large-scale industrial methods.

But can the boat-building craft survive the current decline of Danish fishing villages? Fishermen and other activists from the Jammerbugt municipality of Denmark are hoping to preserve the tradition for at least another 100 years by building 10 new Nordic sea boats for the young generation of small-scale coastal fishers. Their association, “Ocean in Balance”, has launched a public campaign aiming to raise 7,150,000 euros for the boats.

In this 360-degree video, Thomas Højrup, the chairman of “Ocean in Balance”, shows us around a clinker-built boat currently under construction, explaining the unique way these boats are designed and built.

Journalist • Denis Loctier

Video editor • Denis Loctier

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