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'Humans are putting too much pressure on the environment,' says new UN report's author

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By Euronews
Amazon Rainforest burn
Amazon Rainforest burn   -   Copyright  Euronews

A new report by the United Nations warns further human development will require us working with and not against nature.

In the 2020 Human Development Report, researchers concluded that unless world leaders make the right choices now, humanity will face a future of multiple crises - reversing gains made in recent decades in health, education, social freedom and combating poverty.

Speaking to Euronews, Pedro Conceição, Director at the Human Development Report Office and lead author of the report, said humanity is entering a new phase where humans are putting too much pressure on the environment.

"We know that we have been degrading the environment for a long time… We are now confronting something which is unprecedented in our history and in the history of the planet," he said.

"The pressures we are putting on the planet are interfering with planetary processes - the climate is an example, biodiversity losses is another.

"Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic is just a type of risk we are likely to confront [again in the future]."

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