Watch: Toymaker documents Hong Kong protests in miniature

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By Lindsey Johnstone  with Reuters
The models are one-twentieth the size of the real-life protesters
The models are one-twentieth the size of the real-life protesters   -   Copyright  Reuters

With their hard hats, gas masks and yellow raincoats they look like the average Hong Kong protester – just one-20th the size.

The toymaker who designed these models says they are a way to document what he has witnessed in his home city over the last three months, where sometimes violent demonstrations have been staged by protesters angered by what they see as creeping interference by Beijing in Hong Kong’s affairs, despite promises to grant the former British colony wide-ranging autonomy and freedoms denied in mainland China.

The initial trigger for the demonstrations was a contentious extradition bill, now withdrawn, which would have allowed Hong Kong residents to be sent to mainland China for trial. Protesters' demands have since broadened to include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into allegations of excessive force by the police.

The designer of the model protesters has been among those demonstrating, and has remained anonymous for his security, giving his name only as C. With his figurines, he says he has documented what he has seen around him over the past few months. His models, which also include a photo-journalist, feature minute details such as blister-covered feet, and he has also created miniature traffic cones, road blocks and tear gas canisters.

C said he was not trying to contribute to a recent wave of what many local artists called "revolutionary art". Instead, he was only capturing what he had witnessed and hoped to continue to document Hong Kong's future events using the same method.

He said: "I see the young people on the frontlines and they are stepping up for their future. And I thought, how did Hong Kong become like this? From the bottom of my heart, I feel sad. But at the same time, I hope it will be over soon."

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