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European Parliament elections 2019: The bid to get the youth vote out in Romania

European Parliament elections 2019: The bid to get the youth vote out in Romania
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Romanian video bloggers (vloggers), internet influencers and students are fiercely campaigning for the European Parliament elections next week — each using their best techniques to reach as many followers and supporters as they possibly can.

Mikey Hash, a YouTube star with millions of subscribers, tries filling the communication gap between politicians and average people by explaining the role of each European body. And he identified some issues.

"The citizens see Europe through their local politicians and this may be a problem, because citizens in Romania may find that... 'I’m OK with Europe, but I’m not OK with local politicians'," he said.

"So, if I were to separate these two, it would be better. When we are united, we are stronger and each and every country within the European Union is prospering. That’s a fact, everyone can see this."

Apart from the internet, there’s the grassroots approach. Students from the Youth Forum in Romania are using leaflets, direct dialogue, conferences and team-building sessions to spread the word about the European elections.

"This campaign is about promoting the European elections because we have a lot of problems, for example in June 2014 the percentage of the young people who voted was only 20%," Alin Grigore, President of the Youth Forum said. "Young people understand but not very well, they don’t understand the difference between our parliament, for example, and the European Parliament."

The EU leaders’ informal summit in Sibiu, which concluded only a couple of days ago, helped raise the spirits of Romanians even more regarding this election process.