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Why cannabis should be legal, according to the woman who wants to run the EU

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By  Darren MCaffrey, Tesa Arcilla with Sandrine Amiel
Why cannabis should be legal, according to the woman who wants to run the EU

Green MEP Ska Keller said she was in favour of legalising cannabis as she kicked-off Euronews' series of interviews with those in the running for the EU’s top job.

"If it was up to me we would make it legal, so I think it should not be [illegal]," Keller said.

"The obvious question is how do you control potentially harmful substances," she continued.

"We should have a close control, we should make sure that for example, minors don't have access to cannabis and, by the way, the same goes for alcohol which is much more harmful," Keller said.

Keller is among those hoping to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission after May’s elections.

There is a host of other candidates also in the running, like Frans Timmermans, currently the EC’s first vice-president, who is nominated by the socialists. We’ll be interviewing him on Friday (April 26).

Following Timmermans on Euronews will be: Violeta Tomic, candidate of the Left (April 30), Guy Verhofstadt, representing the Liberals (May 13) and Jan Zahradil from the Conservatives (May 14).

Take a chance to ask your questions to the candidates on our Facebook and Twitter.

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