Raw Politics in full: Brexit crunch, Germany's travel warning and pasta politics

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Raw Politics in full: Brexit crunch, Germany's travel warning and pasta politics
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Brexit crunch week

Will it be a deal, no deal or a delay? British MPs face major votes this week that will determine the fate of Brexit.

Parliament will vote once again this Tuesday on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. May suffered one of the biggest defeats in parliamentary history when MPs rejected her deal with a vote of 432 to 202 in January.

If the deal is rejected on Tuesday, May will face up to two more important votes this week. One will establish if a no-deal Brexit will remain on the table. If that is rejected, MPs will then decide if there will be an extension of Article 50, which could pave the way for the UK to remain in the EU past the March 29 deadline.

Culture wars

Last month, the mayor of Warsaw signed a declaration promising to protect LGBT rights. The initiative included the creation of anti-discrimination education in the city’s schools and emergency housing for LGBT youth.

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) attacked the move last weekend, with party leader Jarosław Kaczyński calling it an “attack on children”.

The European People’s Party lead candidate for commission president, Manfred Weber, announced that half of his team of commissioners would be women, praising women's "flair for compromise" on Twitter.

Access denied

The German government hit back at Turkey for denying three journalists press accreditation by issuing a travel warning to German citizens planning on visiting the country.

The move came after Turkey effectively expelled three German journalists, refusing to renew their press accreditation — and without giving a reason.

Pasta politics

The mayor if the Italian city of Bologna took to Twitter to blast the dish “spaghetti bolognese” — which many outsiders associate with the city — as “fake news”.

While many tourists arrive in the city with their hearts set on a bowl of “spag bol”, the mayor encourages them to seek out tagliatelle, tortellini and lasagne dishes instead. Spaghetti, unlike these kinds of pasta, does not originate in Bologna.

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