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North Korea's Kim Jong-un accompanied by running bodyguards on his way to Hanoi

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By Cristina Abellan Matamoros  with Reuters
North Korea's Kim Jong-un accompanied by running bodyguards on his way to Hanoi
Copyright  Yonhap via REUTERS

Bodyguards ran after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's limousine after he arrived in Vietnam on Tuesday for a summit with US President Donald Trump.

The North Korean leader who travelled from Pyongyang by train was given a warm welcome by Vietnamese government officials upon his arrival in Dong Dang, the border town with China.

A red carpet surrounded by North Korean and Vietnamese flags was rolled out to receive Kim.

After shaking hands with Vietnamese officials and waving at the crowds, North Korea's leader stepped into a limousine that would transport him to Hanoi with about a dozen bodyguards running alongside his car.

After their first meeting in Singapore eight months ago, Trump and Kim are set to meet on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss North Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

Philip Yun, the executive director and COO at Ploughshares Fund told Euronews' Belle Donati that both leaders are expected to come up with more concrete measures for denuclearisation.

"There's a lot of criticism about the Singapore agreement being extremely vague," he said.

In a tweet on Monday, Trump stressed the benefits of North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons: "With complete denuclearisation, North Korea will rapidly become an Economic Powerhouse. Without it, just more of the same. Chairman Kim will make a wise decision!"

However, in a speech on Sunday night, Trump said he would be as happy if North Korea maintained its commitment to pause its weapons testing.

I'm not in a rush. I don't want to rush anybody," he said. "I just don't want testing. As long as there's no testing, we're happy."

Yun also said he expects Trump and Kim to discuss the end of the Korean war and the military exercises between the US and South Korea.

Trump is due to arrive in Hanoi later on Tuesday.