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Several people killed by flash floods in France

Several people killed by flash floods in France
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At least 10 people have died and thousands have been evacuated in southern France after some of the worst flash flooding in more than a century.

Storms sweeping in from the Mediterranean have inundated some areas - dumping seven months' worth of rain on the region of Aude in just a few hours.

Helicopters and ambulances were deployed in the city of Conques as part of a rescue operation to aid stranded residents.

"There is still emergency evacuations underway, there is still a lot of searching going around just to make sure that everyone has been accounted for, because there are people still missing," Chris Bockman, a freelance journalist in Toulouse, told Good Morning Europe.

He said that residents woke up to a "really horrible scene" and many of them would be out of their homes "for months if not years, while basically their homes get repaired,"

Water levels are higher than at any time since 1891, according to Vigicrues, the French agency that monitors rivers for flood risks.

French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the victims on Monday and expressed the nation's solidarity with those affected.

An official said that Macron would be travelling to southwestern France "as soon as possible".