Raw Politics: Is migrant crime really a rising threat in Germany?

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By Alice Cuddy
Raw Politics: Is migrant crime really a rising threat in Germany?

Debate over migration is heating up in Germany amid mass protests in Chemnitz over the fatal stabbing of a German man, allegedly by a Syrian and Iraqi, on August 26.

In the first episode of Raw Politics, Euronews’ Tesa Arcilla spoke to politicians and commentators about whether migrant crime is really a rising threat in Germany.

This is what they said:

Peter Jahr, Christian Democratic Union MEP

“If you look to the statistics, you say Germany or especially Chemnitz is very, very safe. There’s a statistic. The other thing is [a] feeling by the people… Statistics are one side, feelings are the other side.”

Mischael Modrikamen, leader of the People’s Party of Belgium

“There’s been a sharp increase in crimes, in rapes. There are official reports from the government attributing clearly this increase to the influx of migrants. I think you have a lot of ordinary citizens who say ‘enough. We want protection and we want our government [to] take care of its citizens first.’”

“Maybe Germany is still safe globally, but it was much safer before.”

Daniel McCaffrey, Euronews Political Editor

“It’s still incredibly safe.”

“Clearly there is a reality and there is a perception of what the reality is. A lot of people in Germany are buying at least into what the perception of the reality is. The question of course is: Is this just simply a law and order issue… Or is this, which it is, a wider political issue for Angela Merkel?”

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