Poles celebrate independence day

Poles celebrate independence day
By Robert Hackwill

Warsaw sees 12 different marches as Independence Day brings rival claimants to Poland's political heritage onto the streets.

Celebrations of Independence Day were held across Poland on Saturday 11th November

Representatives of the supreme authorities of Poland with Poland’s president took part in the events at Pilsudski Square in Warsaw, joined by the European Council’s President Donald Tusk.

99 years ago on November 11th, 1918 the Board of Regents handed over the military authority and the supreme command of Poland’s troops to Jozef Pilsudski.

Some 100 thousand people took part in the parallel Independence March, organised around the slogan of: “We want God”. The traditionally far-right gathering attracted many supporters of the governing Law and Justice party.

The divided opposition organised several counter-demonstrations, with the two largest rallying on anti-fascist and pro-Democracy paltforms.

In total there were 12 different marches in Warsaw on Saturday.

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