March marks murder of Greek rapper

March marks murder of Greek rapper
By Euronews

Clashes break out after rally to mark four year anniversary of murdered Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas

At least five people have been injured in the Greek city of Piraeus after a march marking the anniversary of the murder of an anti-fascism rapper descended into violence.

Earlier the march attended by the victim’s family and anti-racist groups had passed off peacefully.

Father of victim Pavlos Fyssas explained why he was on the march:

“People have to remember what happened to my Pavlos. People have to fight and realize what fascism means,” said Panagiotis Fyssas.

Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed by a supporter of Greece’s ultra-nationalist, neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn.

Giorgos Roupakias, the man who has confessed to the murder, is out on bail after serving 18 months in pretrial detention.

Activist Elli Pantazopoulou explained there was much to fight for:

“We demonstrate against the neo-Nazis, against Golden Dawn. We have a main goal to fight against them and put them in prison for their crimes and assassinations and at the same time we want to close down their offices.”

Euronews reporter Michalis Arampatzoglou:
“Four years after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas the trial is still ongoing and but Golden Dawn’s members remain free. The family of the victim is demanding justice.”

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