Remain camp among first to vote against Brexit

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By Euronews
Remain camp among first to vote against Brexit

Right up until the last minute the prime minister was urging people to vote remain for a bigger, better Britain inside a reformed EU.”

David Cameron called the vote under pressure from his ruling Conservative Party which wants to put to rest decades of debate over Britain’s place in Europe and its ties with Brussels.

Jeremy Corbyn echoes Cameron’s sentiments

Veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn voted ‘No’ in a 1975 referendum on staying in the European Economic Community, but is now pro-Remain.

He’s been criticised for changing his anti-EU stance soon after becoming leader of the Labour party.

Scotland’s leader is also staunchly pro-Remain

Nicola Sturgeon has said Britain leaving the EU could also trigger another independence referendum if Scots backed staying in the bloc but were dragged out by the English.

She and her husband Peter Murrell were one of the first people to cast their votes early today.

MP Jo Cox memorial

Commentators say the campaign to keep Britain in the European Union gained momentum after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, a strong supporter of Britain staying in the bloc.

Her memorial service was held on Wednesday on what would have been her 42nd birthday.