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Keiko Fujimori part of a Peruvian political dynasty

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By Euronews  with AGENCIES
Keiko Fujimori part of a Peruvian political dynasty

Keiko Fujimori is no stranger to high office.

Daughter of former Preuvian president Alberto Fujimori,
Keiko was thrown into the national spotlight after her father and mother separated.

In 1994 she was appointed the first lady of Peru at the age of 19.

Her father Alberto casts a long shadow over everything Keiko does in politics.

Elected to the presidency in 1990 he served as leader until November 2000.

He is currently serving a long jail term for corruption and human rights abuses.

He still maintains huge support in Peru and Keiko follows his political philosophy know as ‘fujimorism.’

Still, she divides opinion her fathers opponents tar her with the same brush, yet she remains extremely popular.

Fujimori’s platform for 2016 includes tax breaks for small business and opportunities for local communities to hold shares in massive mining projects.

In April her Popular Force Party won the majority of seats in Congress a testament to her and her Alberto’s enduring popularity.