And also...a one-man protest at Hungary's treatment of refugees, Russia starts school with Chuck Berry, and Pope Francis goes shopping

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By Euronews
And also...a one-man protest at Hungary's treatment of refugees, Russia starts school with Chuck Berry, and Pope Francis goes shopping

Every Friday journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the international headlines.

Hungary: artist’s ‘personal’ anti-migrant fence

Hungarian artist-performer Peter Weiler built a one-man cage which he called “Anti-migrant fence for personal use” and lay in it outside Budapest’s Keleti Railway station, where many migrants and refugees have been frustrated in their attempts to head north to other European destinations. His main aim was to draw attention to what he sees as the absurdity of the fence Hungary is building on the Serbian border to keep migrants out – as well as the insufferable living conditions of those waiting in Budapest.

Ukraine: MP ‘breaks ribs’ in parliament brawl

Two Ukrainian MPs were caught on CCTV having a fight after debating on a television show. Oleh Barna and Yuriy Chyzhmar were both members of the ruling parliamentary coalition until Tuesday, when Chyzhmar’s Radical Party withdrew in protest against the coalition’s support for a controversial change to the constitution. Chyzhmar claims the brawl has left him with some broken ribs.

Parliamentary brawls are arguably something of a political tradition in Ukraine.

Russia: Back to school with rock ‘n’ roll

Each year on September 1, all Russian schools celebrate the Day of Knowledge. Traditionally it’s a very official day, but this year School Number 4
in Krasnoznamensk near Moscow had a special treat for its students.

Women teachers performed a dance in front of the main entrance and to Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” (“C’est La Vie”), a fiery rock ‘n’ roll number from 1964 which achieved renewed popularity with Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Pulp Fiction’, released in 1994.

Italy: Pope Francis goes shopping for specs in Rome

Pope Francis was seen out shopping in the centre of Rome, trying out new glasses. People began noticing him and a crowd gathered outside the store.

Greece: Pirate Party turns to crowdfunding to take part in elections

The Pirate Party of Greece is asking the Greek people to contribute to the cost of standing for election in the forthcoming national parliamentary poll. It has launched a crowdfunding appeal ahead of the vote on September 20. Founded in January 2012, the party forms part of a wider movement in favour of freedom of expression.

At national elections in 2012 the party won 0.51 percent of the vote at a cost of 35,000 euros. Now it is looking for 20,000 euros to take part this time.

In an appeal for donations the party blamed the political and economic situation in Greece, including the imposition of capital controls, for a failure to achieve its goals.

Tajikistan: street cleaner goes viral as ‘one of world’s most beautiful women’

It took just one photo to turn 19-year-old Munira Mirzoeva from an unknown Dushanbe gardener into a Central Asian web sensation.

Mirzoeva was put on the map by Romanian photographer and world traveller Mihaela Noroc. His ‘Atlas Of Beauty’ life project aims to capture “the natural beauty around the world showing the diversity of our planet through portraits of women.”

Noroc’s photograph — showing Mirzoeva in a colorful national dress underneath a high-visibility traffic vest — was initially published on Noroc’s Facebook page on August 18.

It was “liked” thousands of times within a few days, with dozens of Facebook users extolling Mirzoeva’s “natural beauty, winning smile, and elegance”.