And also... Twerking, earrings and a 'bullying' president

And also... Twerking, earrings and a 'bullying' president
By Euronews
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Turkey: Male teachers can wear earrings Turkey’s highest court has ruled that men can wear earrings without violating the public service dress code

Turkey: Male teachers can wear earrings


Turkey’s highest court has ruled that men can wear earrings without violating the public service dress code. Five years ago, Cuma Toygar, a primary school teacher in Manisa, was fined for wearing an earring in the classroom after a local court ruled that earrings worn by male workers don’t comply with “traditions and customs.” The country’s Supreme Court has now deemed the 2010 verdict unfair and definitively reversed the decision.

Greece: Parliament speaker “bullied” attendant

The president of the Greek parliament has been accused of bullying after she allegedly threatened to have a petrol station attendant fired when he refused to change her flat tire. The incident, which took place in Edipsos on Easter Sunday, was caught on video by two other customers who recorded the argument on their cell phones. House Speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou then allegedly threatened them, saying that it is illegal to film people without their permission.

Russia: Twerking “unpatriotic”

A video showing a group of high-school girls performing a “bees’ dance” in orange and black costumes has provoked outrage in the southern city of Orenburg. Critics called the dance “erotic” and said it “humiliates” the orange and black St George ribbon associated with Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany.

Germany: 65-year-old pregnant with quadruplets

A 65-year-old German mother of 13 is pregnant once again – this time with quadruplets. If the pregnancy goes well, Annegret Raunigk will become the oldest-ever mother of quadruplets when the babies are born this summer. Her other children range in age from 44 to 9-years-old. “At first I only wanted one child,” she told Bild newspaper, “but then things happen…I’m rather spontaneous and children keep me young.”

Spain: Smuggler caught with a ton of drugs

Spanish law-enforcement officers stopped a man for driving at night without headlights and found he was also transporting 1,220 kilos of cannabis resin in his car. The would-be trafficker has been mocked on Twitter under the hashtag #MuyDiscretoNoEra (#HeWasntVeryDiscreet)

Detenido mientras transportaba una tonelada de hachís en su coche La verdad, #MuyDiscretoNoEra

— Guardia Civil (@guardiacivil) abril 14, 2015

Italy: Son faces murder charges over mafia affair

A 22-year-old man is in custody, charged with killing his mother for having an extra-marital affair with the boss of a rival mafia clan. Police say Francesco Barone wanted to punish his mother, Francesca Bellocco, for her relationship with Domenico Cacciola, the head of a branch of the Calabrian mafia. Cacciola has not been seen since the murder in August 2013 and police are trying to determine if he was also killed.







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