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Tsipras gets support from Italy on the road to Brussels

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By Euronews
Tsipras gets support from Italy on the road to Brussels

Greece’s new prime minister is on a tour and today he arrives in Brussels, bringing his ideas on Greece’s economic plight to the heart of the EU, but on Tuesday he got a welcome boost from founder member Italy,

Up until now it is the poor and middle class who have paid the price of the economic crisis  and certainly not the rich

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, also keen to end austerity policies, promised support.

“I strongly believe that there are conditions to find an agreement between the Greek authorities and the European institutions. We believe that each of us in our countries should make reforms,” he said.

Alexis Tsipras made it clear he felt Greece’s solutions were Europe’s, too.

“Up until now it is the poor and middle class who have paid the price of the economic crisis 
and certainly not the rich. In Greece, we have had a corrupt state which we want to change. 
This is our first task for the Greek people and for our European partners,” he said.

Tsipras has promised he will not wear a tie until Greece’s economy is fixed, so Renzi offered him one, along with hopes he would reach his goal soon.

Support also came from a less likely source in Strasbourg, suggesting his Brussels visit might be a little easier than first thought.

“It may be that we’ll have to adapt a certain number of our policies. But we won’t change all of them, just because one election result pleases some, but doesn’t please others,” said the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker.