Women's rights groups in Hungary condemn police rape video

Women's rights groups in Hungary condemn police rape video
By Euronews
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An estimated 400 people took part in a so-called “Slut March” in Budapest on Sunday. Participants dressed allegedly provocatively, aiming to draw awareness against rape.


Hungarian Women’s Groups are specifically angry about an official public safety video which they claim partially blames women for sexual assaults against them.

The video depicts three friends on a night out, dressing up drinking and flirting before one of them is attacked.

The end slogan says: “You are responsible, you can do something about it”.

Hungary’s police are using the video as part of a campaign to reduce sexual assaults but critics say they should be addressing offenders and not victims.

One protester said the message on the video was all wrong: “Lots of raped women are afraid to call the police, go to court or any other authority because according to the video they think they will be blamed for being raped”.

Sunday’s protesters want the Hungarian parliament to ratify a convention which obliges them to fight violence against women.

Reporting for euronews in Budapest, Attila Magyar said:

“Those taking part in the demonstration would like to get the video withdrawn. However, the police claim it is not possible and according to them the message is clear and can’t be misunderstood.”

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