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Airstrikes continue while Muslim parents worry at ISIL propaganda on home front

Airstrikes continue while Muslim parents worry at ISIL propaganda on home front
By Euronews
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Local Iraqi medical sources say the latest airstrikes in Mosul against ISIL have killed a top commander, Radwan Taleb al-Hamdouni. He governed the city for the extremist group.

Elsewhere ISIL launched a fierce attack on Ramadi, one of the few government-held places in Anbar province. One district reportedly fell to the militants, but the Iraqi security forces say they are encircling the attackers.

In America the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey and the Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel have asked Congress to approve more than four and a half billion euros to fund the campaign against ISIL.

“At home, we’ve always practiced a tolerant Islam. My son was indoctrinated. A real brainwashing,” said worried Tunisian father Moncef Labidi.

Around troubled Iraq and Syria’s borders the ISIL message is driving some parents to despair over how to keep their children from the siren’s call to jihad.

“A lot of speeches here have drawn young ones, especially students to go to Syria, fight the jihad,” said Imam Mohamed Ayachi.

It is a problem in Tunisia, grappling with fundamentalists of its own, in Arab nations, and western ones with immigrant communities. More and more the fight against ISIL is looking at its penetration into societies and communities wherever Islam is preached.

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