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'Srsly buzzworthy' vocabulary added to Oxford Dictionaries Online

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'Srsly buzzworthy' vocabulary added to Oxford Dictionaries Online
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Pick up your phablet and prepare to squee at the latest quarterly update of Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO), which was announced on August 28.

Terms such as ‘LDR’ (n.: a long-distance relationship), ‘squee’ (exclam. & v. & n. [used to express] great delight or excitement) and ‘vom’ (v. & n.: [be] sick, vomit) have made their way into common usage and, subsequently, into the latest update of the ODO.

Categories such as technology, gastronomy and fashion are well represented in the latest update, with terms such as ‘click and collect’, ‘food baby’ and ‘fauxhawk’ being added.

Vom-worthy? Maybe, but research by the Oxford Dictionaries team shows that these terms have been absorbed into popular culture and therefore warrant inclusion in their free online dictionary of current English.

According to Oxford Dictionaries Online’s Angus Stevenson: “New words, senses and phrases are added to Oxford Dictionaries Online when we have gathered enough independent evidence from a range of sources to be confident that they have widespread currency in English… This quarter’s update highlights some fascinating developments in the English language. Portmanteau words, or blends of words, such as phablet and jorts, remain popular, as do abbreviations, seen in news entries such as srsly (seriously) and apols (apologies).”

Time for a digital detox, perhaps.

Image credit: Greeblie on Flickr