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  • Russian Foreign Ministry demanded clarification from Ukraine after Kiev said it would impose restrictions on entry into the country by Russian men (Reuters)
  • U.S. Defense Secretary: United States has approved additional non-lethal support to Ukraine, including medical supplies and shelters (Reuters)
  • Ukraine invited the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into any serious international crimes that may have been committed on its territory in late 2013 and early 2014 (Reuters)
  • Russia’s Lavrov announces deal to “de-escalate tensions” in Ukraine (AFP)

Durban South Africa

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THE NETWORK | 22/12 17:42 CET

Arguments run hot and cold over climate change

Arguments run hot and cold over climate change

At the recent climate talks in Durban the alarm was sounded. A stark warning went out that unless the World acts quickly to slash greenhouse gasses it faces a catastrophic rise in global temperatures. Enough, its claimed to melt glaciers and polar ice caps, trigger severe…

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